THE VIEW FROM DOWN HERE #119 – Arias and not as much dog sex

Australia's music awards. Sport results (lots of them). And not as much dog sex as last week. It's an average view! »»

THE VIEW FROM DOWN HERE #116 – Rainy Day Women

Lots of sport results and then there’s the latest drugs in sport scandal. Just another week in the heady world of elite physical endeavour, I guess. »»

THE VIEW FROM DOWN HERE #111 – Sociology Lecture

As finals go on, I have decided this week to bore you with a sociology lecture on Australia's obsession with sport. What? Sport in a sports column? I must be losing it. Oh well – it's just another view. Australian Rules Football AFL Finals Week »»

THE VIEW FROM DOWN HERE #109 – sportsportsport

Finals fast approach, international sporting events happen and I explain what the Commonwealth Games might actually be. Come into the view! »»

The View From Down Here #108: Scandal And Music

Football is getting to the pointy bit of the seasons. Finals are looming large. And so I shall regale you with some Australian music acts I think you should check out. Yep, it's another view! Australian Rules Football AFL Round 22 Last round b »»

THE VIEW FROM DOWN HERE #102 – The New and Improved View.

Some tweaking of the format to give you not only sport, but Australiana and the best damn pro wrestling today! »»

THE VIEW FROM DOWN HERE #79 – Tour Down Under Edition

I went to what was one of the most hyped local wrestling shows in a long time. Men in lycra rode bikes for a long time. Other people played with balls. It’s another view! »»

THE VIEW FROM DOWN HERE #78 – Cricket And Tennis

A lot of cricket, tennis hits its only time in the sun in this country, some guys ride bikes and some other things. It’s the view! »»

The View From Down here #74 - Short One

A short one as Christmas slows things down. Cricket scores, other scores and I give away another sport I enjoy way too much. »»

The View From Down Here #41

Not a lot of commentary, but I do look at Australia's national sport and waffle on way too much about the football scores. So it's business as usual then! »»

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