Paramount Wants Paranormal Activity Fans To Play Bloody Mary And See The Chronology

Starting today, fans of the found footage series can digitally download all three Paranormal Activity films as something called Paranormal Activity: The Chronology. »»

Paranormal Activity 3 Blu-ray Announced

BD/DVD combo release this January to include theatrical and unrated editions, and more deleted footage. »»

Weekend Box Office: Immortals Slays Jack & Jill, Puss In Boots Still The Cat's Meow

Relativity makes a splash with Immortals while Adam Sandler delivers his 11th straight PG-13 comedy with a +$25 million opening. »»

Weekend Box Office: Puss In Boots Dominates; Tower Heist Fails To Steal Money Away

Puss In Boots lives to drink milk another day; suffers nary a scratch at the box office this weekend. »»

The Drive-In (Movies Podcast Ep. 4) - Paranormal Activity 3 Retrospective

Episode 4 of Inside Pulse Movies' Official Podcast »»

Weekend Box Office: Puss In Boots Is Purrfect With $34 Million Weekend

Paranormal Activity's jump scares are no match for Puss in Boots' adorable wide eyes. »»

Monday Morning Critic - Paranormal Activity 3, Red State, Johnny Depp

A look at Red State on DVD, some more looks at Paranormal Activity 3, "Captain Jack Sparrow" Syndrome" ... and more? »»

Weekend Box Office: Paranormal Activity 3 Sets New Record For Horror Opening

The third Paranormal Activity takes the weekend easily. Meanwhile Real Steel shows more fancy footwork than Footloose. »»

Paranormal Activity 3 - Review (2)

Poor framing device undercuts movie, thrills »»

Paranormal Activity 3 - Review

Delivers in scares, disappears in every other way »»

Box Office: Paranormal Activity 3 Jump Scares And Jump Starts Ailing Box Office

As expected, the third installment in the Paranormal Activity franchise is running away with the weekend. »»

From the Inside: A Case of Misleading Paranormal Activity 3 Trailers

With so much of the footage being shown to advertise the film not in the final product, are the trailers and TV spots for Paranormal Activity 3 misleading? »»

Monday Morning Critic - Sucker Punch, Paranormal Activity 3

A look at Sucker Punch on DVD and a quick examination of Paranormal Activity 3 »»

Fantastic Fest '11: Paranormal Activity 3 - First Impressions

Initial thoughts from an early screening »»

Paranormal Activity 3 Full Trailer

3rd film gets 2nd trailer »»

Paranormal Activity 3 Poster Debuts

Poster for next film debuts online »»

Inside Pulse Fall Movie Preview – October 2011

Inside Pulse Movies moves to the month of October, a month in which audiences kick loose to Footloose while George Clooney makes a push for Oscar gold. »»

First Teaser To Paranormal Activity 3 Might Require A Bloody Mary

Here's the first teaser to the latest installment in the Paranormal Activity series. »»

Paranormal Activity 3 Goes Fishing For Director, Catches Catfish Duo

Paramount Pictures hires Catfish documentary filmmakers to make the third Paranormal Activity. »»

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