Parenthood Episode 10 & 11 Review - “How Did We Get Here?” & “Let’s Go Home”

Even when Parenthood makes creative decisions that I’m not crazy about, I still enjoy the show overall. »»

Parenthood Spoilers: Family To Bond Over One Big Issue As Series Wraps Up

Parenthood fans have been preparing to say goodbye for the last few weeks and now we have more information about how the show will meet its ultimate conclusion. »»

Parenthood Spoilers: Jason Ritter To Return For Show's Final Season

If you are lamenting the fact that this will be the last season of Parenthood, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. »»

Parenthood Spoilers: New Promo Reveals Whether Amber Is Pregnant Or Not

It looks like you can add one more Braverman to the mix. »»

Parenthood Spoilers: Show's Boss Offers Details About How Series Will End, Details One A Final Family-Centric Storyline

We all know that NBC decided to rescue Parenthood and bring the show back for one final season where all loose ends can be tied up. Now we know a little bit more about these ends will be knotted. Showrunner Jason Katims recently talked to TVGuide »»

Parenthood Spoilers: Breaking Bad Actress To Play Hank's Wife... Again

Betsy Brandt is ready to get her Parenthood on and the Breaking Bad star will hilariously be married to 'Hank' again! »»

Parenthood Spoilers: Season Premiere Details Leaked; Trouble Ahead For Julia & Joel

When Parenthood returns for its sixth season, the show will be introducing a new character that might just be the final nail in the coffin for a certain couple. »»

Thoughts on the Parenthood Finale and Season 5 Overall

This week, Parenthood ended its fifth season. It’s a show that I’ve always loved, even when some of the story lines are weaker than others. This season was a little topsy-turvy in that sense, but the show still remains one of my favorite »»

Some Thoughts on Parenthood

Guest Post written by Allison M. In a post on Salon today, Neil Drumming argues that although Parenthood “is easily one of the most moving and enjoyable dramas on television today. . . . over the course of five seasons, the show has evinced a parti »»

Best TV Show March Madness Bracket Tournament 2014 – Second Round Voting Begins with Top Seeds The Walking Dead, Burn Notice, Scandal, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, New Girl, Dexter, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and More

The first round voting has ended and there were a few upsets. But like I said from the beginning the numbers next to show names don't mean a whole lot if they don't get voted to the next round. There were also lots of close match ups. Quite a few mat »»

Parenthood Season Five Review - Checking In

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Parenthood, mostly due to scheduling. But I’ve been watching it all season, and I still love the show as much as I always have. The episode from two weeks ago, “Limbo”, was one »»

Parenthood TV Show Review - Just Seen It

Kevin's Critic Pick is one of his favorite network series on NBC. »»

Parenthood 5-11 Review – “Stay a Little Longer

Last year, a Canadian TV network was airing Parenthood on Wednesday nights, making it easier for me to watch and review the show during the week. Unfortunately they haven’t done that so far in 2014, which means that it takes me a while to find »»

Parenthood 5-10 Review – “All That's Left Is The Hugging

If I were a crier, this episode of Parenthood would have gotten me good. Instead I just did my thing where my throat gets tight and I pretend I’ve had a sudden allergic reaction to french fries. It was, of course, the Amber and Ryan stuff that »»

Parenthood 5-8 Review – “Election Day

I didn’t have a chance to write about Parenthood last week because of conflicting non-TV related events, but I really wanted to. Last week’s “The Ring” was a great episode… minus the election stuff, which really hasnR »»

Parenthood 5-7 Review – “I'm Getting Sugar.

You know what Parenthood does so well? Shared looks. Especially between the Braverman kids. Several times in this episode, Crosby, Sarah, Adam and Julia shared looks and you knew what they were communicating to one another. “Gee, Dad’s no »»

Parenthood 5-6 Review – Up For Debate

Hmm. This was not my favorite episode of Parenthood, and as regular Couchtime reader Dana pointed out, the season is off to a shaky start. Two major storylines are really bothering me this season – Kristina and Julia’s. The mayoral campai »»

Parenthood 5-5 Review – “Let's Be Mad Together

I wish Parenthood was on a little earlier. It airs at 11pm on Thursdays where I live, which means I always sleepily stay up to watch (because it’s Parenthood, I HAVE TO) and then never find time to blog about it on the weekend. This week’ »»

Parenthood 5-3 Review – “Nipple Confusion

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but in a television landscape dominated by the concept of the anti-hero, I’m very glad to also watch a show like Parenthood. It’s not emotionally draining, like Breaking Bad (for all its genius) c »»

Parenthood Episode 5-2 Review – “All Aboard…

I didn’t have a chance to review Parenthood right after it aired this week, but I wanted to write a post on the blog because I really liked “All Aboard Who’s Coming Aboard”. Mayor Braverman The great thing about Parenthood is »»

Parenthood Episode 5-1 Review – Together Again

Of all the shows, I might look forward to the return of Parenthood the most. It just delights me. I was so happy to have the Bravermans back on my TV screen. I loved catching up with where all the family members are, since some time (nine-ish months? »»

NBC Upfront Announcement 2013: New TV Season Schedule; Night-by-Night Breakdown

NBC was once again the first of the major networks to announce their new TV schedule for Fall 2013 and Spring 2014. Like most years, NBC cancelled a lot of new season, including the majority of their new comedies from last year. So NBC had lots of ho »»

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