Blu-ray Review: Transcendence

Wally Pfister has more than proved that he's an amazing cinematographer. Like all people in Hollywood, it seems what he really wanted to do was direct, and with Transcendence he was given that chance. However, just because he can make a film beautifu »»

Iron Man 3 - Review (2)

Weakest of the series … by far »»

Iron Man 3 - Review

Forget Iron Man, this is the Tony Stark Show. »»

Trailer For Financial Drama Margin Call Is Star-Studded But Leaves You Cold

The sky is falling, but look at the impressive cast. »»

Priest - Review

Aggressively horrible in nearly every way »»

Paul Bettany's Priest Gets Second Trailer

When you need a Biblically themed action thriller, Paul Bettanty seems to be your guy. After last year's flop Legion, Bettany is back as a priest waging a one man war against vampires in the aptly-named Priest. Based on the Korean comic of the sa »»

The Tourist - Review

A glamorous but remarkably flawed action thriller »»

The Trailer for The Tourist with Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie

Thriller is a remake of the French film Anthony Zimmer. »»

Trailer for Priest blesses the internet...sort of

Now THAT is what vampires should look and act like. Don't see them sparkling. »»

Bad Movies Done Right - Legion

Paul Betteny talks to angels — and they told him to star in mostly lackluster Legion »»

Creation - Review

Unremarkable film about a remarkable man »»

Legion - Review

Heaven help us! »»

The Young Victoria - Review

Even with a Golden Globe nominated performance, The Young Victoria leaves much to be desired. »»

What's Playing 12/18/09

Not much opening up this week, but I did hear something small here and there about some huge special effects spectacular known as Avatar. »»

Inkheart arriving on DVD and Blu-Ray June 23, 2009

Warner Brothers has some early details about the DVD and Blu-Ray releases for Inkheart. Each will be available to own beginning June 23, 2009. The DVD release will include both widescreen and full screen presentations, along with English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround tracks. The Blu-ray release will include around 30 minutes of extra material, along with a digital copy of the film, and a copy of the DVD. No details regarding the extras on either the DVD or Blu-Ray have been released yet. We'll keep you posted! »»

Inkheart - Review

Brendan Fraser as a Last Action Neverending Story Hero? »»

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