Blu-ray Review: A MusiCares Tribute to Paul McCartney

There are few performers left whose imprint is so great that it's impossible to not name a recording artist who wasn't influenced by them. Who wasn't touched in one way or another by the music of Paul McCartney? In the 50 years since The Beatles hit »»

Paul McCartney Only Paid $1.57 To Play Olympics

Despite all the glitz involved in the Olympic opening ceremonies, Paul McCartney and the other performers were only paid one pound each, or $1.57 US.  Although they would have done it for free, the organizers paid them a very small fee to make the c »»

Snow Patrol Gets To Stay Up Later Than Paul McCartney

Snow Patrol will not have their Olympics-opening show stopped by a curfew.  The Westminster Council has extended the time they can play until 1:30 AM, unlike Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney, who both had shows cut off at 10:30 recently.  Snow »»

Concert Footage Of The Beatles Coming To Theaters

A special screening of the Beatles' first ever US concert will be coming to theaters in May.  The show, entitled The Lost Concert, will be screened on two dates in May in a limited engagement in theaters across the country, along with a documentary »»

Coming Soon...Beatles: The Next Generation?

James McCartney, son of Sir Paul, has said that he's "open" to doing a new version of the Beatles with the children of the originals.  That would be himself, Dhani Harrison, Sean Lennon, and Zak Starkey (Ringo's son).  However, Zak is said to be un »»

Paul McCartney and John Lennon's Childhood Homes Historically Preserved

And rightly so! The English government has deemed the childhood homes of both John Lennon and Paul McCartney as historically significant. Lennon's home, Mendips, is located on 251 Menlove Ave, where he lived for 20 years. McCartney is stone's thro »»

Paul McCartney Thinks The Beatles Might Have Reunited

Paul McCartney has said in an interview that the Beatles had talked about reuniting, although obviously nothing ever happened.  Because they wanted all four members to agree before anything could happen, one dissenting member would scrap ideas for a »»

Every Musician Alive Is Performing At The Grammy's... Apparently

With a superstar lineup of artists like Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, and Kelly Clarkson, it's hard to believe that the line up of Grammy performers could get any better. But wait, they have! Rihanna has joined the team, and will be performing for the f »»

New CD Coming In February From Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney will release a new CD of cover songs in February of 2012.  The album, as of yet untitled, will be a collection of "Tin Pan Alley" songs he loved as a boy.  Eric Clapton and Diana Krall will assist on some of the songs, and this will »»

Paul McCartney Is Hitched...Again!

And it wasn't to me, I'm crushed. =( The lucky lady is 51 year old Nancy Shevell. The two were married in Marylebone Town Hall in central London. »»

Rock Band 3 Weekly DLC Update: Paul McCartney, Siouxsie and The Banshees, & Inhabited

Here are the tracks that will be available next Tuesday in the Rock Band 3 music store. Remember, these songs are only available for Rock Band 3: Celebrating Band on the Run Pack 01: Paul McCartney – “Maybe I'm Amazed" Paul McCartney & Wing »»

Oasis Frontman Liam Gallagher Planning Beatles Biopic

Could it be better than Backbeat? »»

MGF Presents My Top 21 of the 21st (So Far...)

The title track led the charge, giving us a cathartic feeling of hope that these men and women who sacrificed their lives to try and save others, that their deaths weren’t in vain. This song is so epic, so important and so meaningful even today... well, it’s not coincidence President Obama used it as a campaign song. It’s the number one song of the 21st century, and we’re all the better for it. ... »»

MGF Reviews Arcangels - Living in a Dream

Austin's notable and outstanding supergroup, Arcangels, reunited recently and opened a U.K. tour for Eric Clapton beginning last May. Since the guys are on the road, it looks like the heavily anticipated, second studio album will be in the oven just a little longer. Luckily, the band recorded a couple live shows a few years back and were eager to finally get the music to their fans. ... »»


You just can't make this stuff up, folks. Just weeks after Madonna was dumped from a horse (not surprisingly, even a horse can't stand to be around her), the equines continue to revolt, this time leaving singer Leona Lewis in their path of destruction. ... »»

A&E Gets Blu with Paul McCartney and The Universe

Explore the spaces between people and planets--in Blu-ray! »»

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