Disc News: Game Of Thrones: Season 3 Gets A Release Date

HBO provides early details on when to expect GoT on DVD and Blu-ray. »»

Just Seen It TV: Game of Thrones Season Three Preview [Video]

Watch us on National Public Television - check your local listing for show times! Winter is coming to Westeros. As the kingdom divides, the house of Lannister finds its power slipping away. Join us as we review the first four episodes of season three »»

DVD Review: A Little Bit of Heaven

The most memorable lack of chemistry couple that I can think of is Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes in Maid in Manhattan, and this one rivals it. »»

Peter Dinklage as MODOK? Captain America Sequel Aiming Low

Game Of Throne actor speculated as next Captain America villain »»

Death at a Funeral (2010) - DVD Review

Will Chris Rock have you laughing in the face of death? »»

Community Star To Get Schooled on Demon-Slaying

Danny Pudi to star in director Joe Lynch's The Knights of Badassdom. »»

Death at a Funeral (2010) - Review

More like Soul Funeral then British farce, but that’s not a bad thing »»

Saint John of Las Vegas Trailer with Steve Buscemi and Romany Malco

A wheelchair-bound stripper! A nude militant! Mr. Pink in Vegas! Don't go thinking this is a Hangover copycat. »»

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - DVD Review

In recent years, there has been a popular trend of taking a series of beloved science-fiction/fantasy novels and turning them into movies. First, there was the Harry Potter series. Then, there was Lord of the Rings. Right now, the "it" series is Twlight. Back in 2005, the first Chronicles of Narnia film was released, though, and you knew there just had to be a sequel to that film. Three years after The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, we now have Prince Caspian. Like any film based on a book, there are going to be haters of the film simply because they left out parts of the book in the movie. But the real question here is whether or not the film is entertaining and as good as the original? »»

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