Blu-ray Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

Just about everything is bigger, and in most cases better this time around, with many nods to fans who know all aspects of the Star Trek mythos inside and out. »»

Star Trek: Into Darkness - Review (Spoilers)

Not quite Wrath of Khan but a good film »»

Star Trek Into Darkness Spoilers: How Vulcan Changed Everything & Who Is John Harrison

Two BIG spoilers revealed, but there is still A LOT more going on with the film »»

Just Seen It Movies Review: Guilty Pleasure- Our Best Worst Movies Vol.1 [Video]

These movies were either panned by critics, bombed when they were released theatrically, or both! But we champion our favorite Guilty Pleasures. Greg gets all hairy over TEEN WOLF; Teresa has a blond moment with WHITE CHICKS and David goes 'Liza »»

Peter Weller Pleads To Detroit For Robocop Statue

A video of Peter Weller in a homemade Robocop costume? I'd buy that for a dollar. »»

Aronofsky directed Robocop remake thrown in junk pile

You won't be able to buy that ticket for a dollar. »»

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