The Tim Couch Quarterback: National Football League's Week Two Predictions

Call me crazy, but I believe this was one of the most interesting week ones ever. I never remember so many newsworthy topics to talk about the day after week 1 ever, as Peyton Manning came back, RG III out-dueled Drew Brees, Joe Flacco lit up the 7th »»

Images of McFarlane NFL SportsPicks Series 30 (Tim Tebow, Matt Forte, Andrew Luck, Calvin Johnson, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning)

Here is the information NFL Series 30 from McFarlane. McFarlane's SportsPicks' NFL 30 may just be our most anticipated series in SportsPicks history. This star-studded lineup, hitting stores this October, maxes out on football firepower. This »»

Tattoos & Touchdowns [Podcast]: NFL Carousel (Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos)

Peytons new home?  and the whirlwind that has been the first day of free agency. »»

Tattoos & Touchdowns [Podcast]: The Curse of the MANNbino (NFL, Peyton Manning)

It's 2012, so not only is the world ending, but the landscape of the NFL will never be the same. Peyton Manning is on the move. I break down where he will end up and why. »»

McFarlane Toys Reveales SportsPicks College Football Series 4 Line-Up

Here is the line-up for College Football Series 4: Ricky Williams – The University of Texas Sam Bradford – The University of Oklahoma Champ Bailey – The University of Georgia Tim Tebow – The University of Florida Cam Newton – Aub »»

NFL 2011 Week 2 Thoughts and Commentary: Cleveland Browns – 27, Indianapolis Colts - 19

Cleveland Browns – 27, Indianapolis Colts - 19   Rhett Davis: It's going to be a long year without Peyton Manning for the Colts.  The Browns defeat the Colts.  I wonder how long it's been since that has occurred?  Peyton Hillis of the Bro »»

Indianapolis Colts' Peyton Manning Surgery Update

Peyton Manning, as reported yesterday, had another fusion surgery on his neck yesterday.  As of now the team is unsure he will return this year, but declined to put him on the full-year injured reserve.  The surgery usually has a ten week recovery »»

Indianapolis Colts Peyton Manning Has More Neck Surgery

There goes the Colts' season; let's hope for a speedy recovery. »»

NFL: Peyton Manning Re-signs With the Colts

Peyton's resigned but he is not the highest paid QB in the game. »»

NFL: Latest On Peyton Manning Contract Talks

Colts' GM Bill Polian says that talks with Peyton Manning are "progressing". Polian insists that nothing is "imminent" despite owner Jim Irsay's recent claim that he's already offered Manning a contract that will eclipse the 4-year, $72M contract gi »»

NFL News: Colts President Bill Polian Says 18 Game Schedule Is Set To Happen

The owners are set to expand the NFL from a 16 to an 18 game schedule. »»

NFL Preview: Indianapolis Colts

Owner: Jim Irsay Lucas Oil Stadium Head Coach: Jim Caldwell Offensive Coordinator: Clyde Christensen Defensive Coordinator: Larry Coyer Special Teams Coordinator: Ray Rychleski GM: Chris Polian 2009 Record: 14-2, 1st in AFC South »»

2010 NFL Preview Part 4: AFC South

Team                                                         Projected Wins - Losses (Range) 1. Indianapolis Colts                               11-5 - 14-2 The »»

Wild Pitch: The Top Five People

For this week's article I will focus on all of the major sports and their top figures.  It's very similar to one of the Sportscenter summer "filler" features when there is nothing to talk about but baseball and Brett Favre.  And now the top five mo »»

NFL News: Indianapolis Colts WR Reggie Wayne Still A Holdout

Wayne was in Indy over the weekend for a charity basketball game, but couldn't avoid questions about his holdout. »»

NFL News: Indianapolis Colts DE Robert Mathis In Search Of New Deal

Mathis is another player in the AFC South looking for a new contract. »»

Wild Weekends: A Win that was Anything But a Big Easy

Years from now, this game may turn out to be a torch passing game. In many ways, the game appeared that way to me as it unfolded Sunday night. It was the Saints, the new kids on the block, taking down the Colts, one of the most dominant teams of the last decade, to become champions of pro football. It was Peyton Manning and not Drew Brees who made the game-clinching mistake as one would expect the younger, inexperienced Brees to make such a mistake considering Manning has already been to a Super Bowl—in the same stadium as Sunday's. It was Drew Brees and not Peyton Manning who bumped his game up to that necessary next level to boost his team. And it was the Saints, not the Colts, who made the most out of what their opponent gave them. »»

HEAVEN SENT! The Saints win Super Bowl XLIV!

Perhaps it isn't good for a reporter/columnist to be speechless, but for a while there...I truly was. »»

Super Bowl Preview: Super Sunday in Miami

It's all come down to this.  Super Sunday, the most important football game of the year.  And looking out my window seeing the two-plus feet of snow, to me Miami looks like some kind of Eden.  A sunny, drunken Eden full of football and car commerc »»

Super Bowl Thoughts: Poor Archie Manning

Two days till the big game.  TWO DAYS!  And there is a lot to do before Sunday.  I have to figure out the food, the spread, and collect the bets.  But I guess all that can wait 'til the last minute.  I have to make my picks!...........Actually, »»

Wild Weekends: Super Bowl XLIV Prediction

This Sunday, football season ends in Miami with Super Bowl XLIV and for the first time in years, there's a Super Bowl where the sides are pretty even on who people think are going to win. Last year, Pittsburgh was a pretty clear favorite, the Pats were supposed to run over the Giants, the Colts did run over Chicago, the Steelers were pretty safe favorites against Seattle a few years back, but this year people are still scratching their heads about a winner, and that's even after Dwight Freeney became a story this week. »»

Wild Weekends: Heading to Miami

The wins not only propelled the Colts to their second Super Bowl in four years and the Saints to their first in franchise history, but also guaranteed that this year's Big Game will be noteworthy before the opening kickoff. This will be the first Super Bowl contested between two dome teams, Jim Caldwell will become the first rookie head coach to coach in the Super Bowl since George Seifert (Super Bowl XXIV), and this will be the first Super Bowl to feature both one-seeds since Super Bowl XVIII. »»

AFC Championship Post-Game Roundtable: Peyton Manning Leads Colts Past Jets

The Indianapolis Colts proved to be too much for the upstart Jets this time around, and the Colts advance to Super Bowl 44. Chad Jorgenson - This one looked really good for about a half. Then Indy figured out the Jets blitzing and Manning went to »»

AFC/NFC Championship Game Weekend Thoughts: Saints Win, Brett Favre Not So Clutch

As I watch the New Orleans Saints lift the Halas trophy above their heads, I can't help but notice how unimportant this moment will be if they don't beat the AFC champion Indianapolis Colts in two weeks in Miami.  It's the same feeling I had after s »»

NFL Playoffs Round 3 Preview

AFC NY Jets Vs. Indianpolis Colts Yes the Jets have been on fire lately, but the Colts have been hot almost the whole year, and their defense came off an excellent game where they shut down Ray Rice. The question is can they play that well agains »»

Fantasy Athletes of the Decade

As the 2000s come to a close let's look back at the fantasy players who made the biggest impact in their respective sports. I lead off with the fantasy football player of the decade since it is the most popular fantasy sport. I had a tough time decid »»

Wild Weekends: Trophies and Home Field

A lot of people will credit Ingram's Heisman win on his performance against Florida matched against Colt McCoy's off night against Nebraska. If that is the case, the award is just as meaningless as it is if people are putting their ballots in at the season's half-way point. This year's vote deserved to be the closest in history and Ingram and Gerhart deserved to be the two that were being agonized over. »»

NFL Divisional Breakdown AFC South

One team was a contender last year, one team has been near the top every year this decade, one team has never done anything...ever, and one team is bipolar in regards to wins and losses. This is always a fun division to watch. »»

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