Blu-Ray Review - After The Sunset

There are some movies that have all the makings of an instant classic, yet somehow manage to drop the ball so effortlessly that it can boggle the mind. »»

I Don't Know How She Does It Trailer Debtus

Sex and the City star headlines "wacky" comedy »»

Trailer: Salvation Boulevard Attempts To Save Soul With Laughter

Sundance-featured comedy stars Pierce Brosnan as a megachurch pastor and Ed Harris as a nonbeliever. »»

Mars Attacks! - Blu-ray Review

Mars Attacks! is an adaptation of a 1950s trading card series. And in my opinion, it is one of Burton's most underrated films. »»

The Ghost Writer - DVD Review

A perfectly paced, cinematic masterpiece. »»

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief - Blu-Ray Review

Chris Columbus brings another popular book series to life in this entertaining family film. »»

The Greatest - Review

Carey Mulligan is masterful. The film is not. »»

Remember Me - Review

Not likely to remember this »»

29th Annual Golden Raspberry Winners!

Even the crap needs love! »»

Mamma Mia! (2-Disc Special Edition) - DVD Review

If Pierce Brosnan truly wanted to distance himself from his days as James Bond, Mamma Mia! is it. With a singing voice that sounds something like a wombat gargling razor blades, Brosnan truly has left Bond behind as he zealously embraced a lead role in a musical based off of ABBA songs. Sean Connery, eat your heart out. »»

Casino Royale (Collector's Edition) – Blu-ray Review

James Bond and I have an interesting history. Especially when it comes to owning Casino Royale. Last March I reviewed the two-disc DVD release, where I again revisited one of the best films of 2006. Later that year, in September, I became the proud owner of a Blu-ray Disc player (a PS3), and received the BD release of Casino Royale as a bonus. Now Sony Pictures has released a collector's edition on BD and DVD, to coincide with the theatrical debut of Quantum of Solace, with even more features. But is this double-dip aiming to please, or is it just overkill? »»

The 2nd Best Grossing "Song and Dance" Film, Mamma Mia!, Out on DVD December 16!

The theatrical adaptation of the musical, which opened on Broadway in 2001, will be available as a single disc DVD, a 2-disc special edition, or on Blu-ray on December 16th. »»

Planet of the Apes and James Bond contests

The martini drinker has recently been released on Blu-ray. Planet of the Apes is soon to follow. Find out how you can win either. Just another DVD Lounge contest. »»

Married Life - DVD Review

In the same year another James Bond film comes out with Daniel Craig as its star, seeing Pierce Brosnan's career post-Bond is all the more interesting. After a main role in Mamma Mia! where he sang and danced, its interesting to see him bust out his acting chops in Married Life »»

Mamma Mia! - Review

Diggin' the dancing queen. »»

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