DVD Review: Hart to Hart (The Complete Third Season)

Once upon a time, the incredibly rich people of America focused on solving crimes instead of manipulating the American political system. It might be hard to believe, but the proof can be found on Hart to Hart: The Complete Third Season. Jonathan and »»

DVD Review: Peter Gunn (The Complete Series)

This was the jazz version of Miami Vice's MTV cops. Peter Gunn: The Complete Series allows you to keep cool during the hottest of viewing days. »»

Blu-ray Review: Stars and Stripes Forever

The fictional Willie Little makes Stars and Stripes Forever a musical date movie and not merely an educational flick aimed at marching band geeks. »»

The Pink Panther - Blu-ray Review

Peter Sellers is the only Inspector Clouseau. In my house, The Pink Panther does not refer to that remake with Steve Martin bobbling his way to another paycheck. We don’t discuss the Pink films that came after Peter Sellers’ death that Blake Edwards directed with Ted Wass (Curse of the Pink Panther) and Roberto Benigni (Son of the Pink Panther). Trail of the Pink Panther is viewed as a bonus feature filled with outtakes of Sellers from the early films. This is a movie series that only belongs to Sellers. The Pink Panther mixes a sophisticated jewel heist plot with a slapstick caper to create a perfect cinematic cocktail. »»

Pink Panther and his animated pals pounce in January

With the second Pink Panther movie starring Steve Martin about to hit the screen, the animated Pink Panthercartoons will come out in a new collection on January 27. There haven't been any hints as to what's really on Vol. 9. It could be Misterjaw, The Dog Father or The Texas Toads (a.k.a. Tijuana Toads). It's a mystery that only Inspector Clouseau could solve. Press release from MGM after the cut. »»

Being There is coming here...to Blu-ray

Being There is getting the Blu-ray love in February along with a Special 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition DVD. The film was the career crowning glory for both Peter Sellers and director Hal Ashby. A gag reel with Peter Sellers should entice an upgrade. »»

The Pink Panther And Friends Classic Cartoon Collection Vol. 6: The Inspector DVD Review

Available at Amazon.com Let's start with a little clarification. The Pink Panther was a cartoon panther who was in fact pink. The Pink Panther is also a series of comedic crime films starring Peter Sellers. The hero of the cartoon in question is »»

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