Blu-ray Review: Psycho III (Collector's Edition)

Anthony Hopkins does a fine job delivering a film that goes brilliantly overboard. »»

Blu-ray Review: Psycho II (Collector's Edition)

While not quite a cinema classic, Psycho II is a fine piece of '80s fright. There's just enough properly timed comic moments to not make the film uptight. »»

Disc News: Check Into The Bates Motel In September

A&E's hit show will have vacancies on DVD and Blu-ray this fall. Full details inside. »»

The Houston Film Critics Society Presents A Hitchcock-Fest

Texans know a thing or two about chainsaws, but one critics group wants them to go a little "psycho" this weekend. »»

DVD Review: The Streets of San Francisco (Season 4, Volumes 1 & 2)

Say goodbye to Michael Douglas who would return to being a fake San Francisco homicide cop in Basic Instinct. »»

Deal Alert: Black Friday Deals Week For Tuesday, November 22

Day Two of Amazon's week long Blu-ray and DVD sale highlights TV show Weeds, Jar and Leatherheads, and plenty of Office Space. »»

The Psycho Legacy - DVD Review

The Psycho Legacy is perfect for the Norman Bates fan that wants more than the bonus features on the Psycho Blu-ray. »»

Voting Open for 2010 Reaper Awards

True Blood, District 9 and The Crazies are nominated in multiple categories. »»

Disc News: The Psycho Legacy Carves a Date in October

Shout! Factory to release documentary that sons that dress like moms can enjoy. »»

Cannon: Season One, Volume Two - DVD Review

Frank Cannon (William Conrad) sounded like a 6’8” hulk of a man in a dark room. His husky voice unloaded more of a blast than any legal handgun. When the lights came on, he was only a 5’8” tubby guy. The only thing larger than is appetite for fine food was his hunger for justice. He was an ex-LAPD cop that entered the world of private investigation. Odds are he did it to avoid the weight requirements. His clients varied from the extremely rich to quite a bit pro bono work. During the early ’70s when detectives were all over the TV dial, Cannon’s gut set him apart from his height and weight proportionate rivals. Cannon: Season One, Volume Two fills his plate with 13 cases heaping with action, deceit and mystery. »»

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