Final Batch Of Funko's SDCC Exclusives Revealed

Today was the last reveal of Funko's SDCC Exclusives, which there are a total of 48 different items! POP! Huckleberry Hound - Navy Huckleberry Hound POP! LMS - Gabriel Re-Action Pulp Fiction - Blood Splatter Jules Re-Action Pulp F »»

Pulp Fiction Meets Sin City: A Dame To Kill For And The Results Are Glorious

Ever wondered what Pulp Fiction would look like in the style of Sin City? Check out this trailer mash up after the cut. »»

First Look At Diamond Select Toys Kill Bill & Pulp Fiction Figures

In the new Diamond Select Toys catalog that was released, we get our first look at some new properties! In the Kill Bill line, you can see Go-Go, The Bride & Bill. In the Pulp Fiction line, they have Jules Winnfield, Butch Coolidge & Marsellus »»

More ReAction Figures Revealed! Back To The Future, Pulp Fiction, Buffy & More!

Here are more pictures of Funko's & Super 7's ReAction Figures! Back to the Future -Biff Tannen -Doc Brown -George McFly -Marty McFly Buffy the Vampire Slayer -Angel -Buffy -The Gentleman -Oz -Spike -Willow »»

Blu-ray Review: Saturn 3

Saturn 3 maintains its claustrophobic charm. »»

DVD Review: Californication (The Fifth Season)

This season mixes things up as David Duchovny gets sucked into the world of Wu Tang. »»

Django Unchained - Review

‘Tis the Season to get down and dirty Tarantino style. »»

Just Seen It Movie Review: Quentin Tarantino Retrospective [Video]

Quentin Tarantino has created some of the most memorable stories and characters of the last 20 years. In honor of his new western, we do a retrospective and a preview review of Django Unchained. Aaron, Salim and Guest Reviewer Aaron Neuwirth pick the »»

Disc News: Tarantino Gets Boxed Up

Lionsgate prepping Tarantino boxset with eight films and exclusive extras. »»

Video Of The Day: Sir Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back Sung By The Movies

Some guy with a lot of time on his hands makes a funny riff using 295 movie clips. »»

Pulp Fiction & Jackie Brown Blu-ray Trailers Promote October Release

Two Tarantino movies bound to Blu-ray this October. Grab a Big Kahuna Burger and enjoy. »»

Lionsgate's Short Promo For Pulp Fiction Blu-ray Release

It will arrive to Blu-ray faster than you can say Blueberry Pie. »»

Quentin Tarantino Months Away from Delivering New Script to Weinsteins

He's covered pulp fiction, grindhouse, chopsocky, and World War II. Could Tarantino be venturing to the West next? »»

Lionsgate to Distribute Miramax Titles in The U.S.

Official press release announces first home entertainment title under the agreement and tells us when we can expect Pulp Fiction on Blu-ray. »»

Superhero Anthology Astro City Headed to Big Screen

Comic Book film from the creators of Marvelsto be produced by Working Title Films. »»

Jenny's Best of the Aughts

Ultimately, the Top 10 list is about that particular person and what films stuck with them the most. »»

Puppet Noir with the Muppets

Times are tough for the Muppets. This summer Kermit the Frog had to be upstaged by another guy who admits that it's not easy being green - The Incredible Hulk. Miss Piggy had to grit her teeth while Sarah Jessica Parker stole her wardrobe and flaunted it in Sex and the City. And don't even get me started on Fozie. But times they are a changin'. With three different Jim Henson projects in the works, including one that's not suitable for children! »»

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