DVD Review: Quincy, M.E. (The Final Season)

If you ever wanted to get a sense of the power of Jack Klugman, watch how bad Matthew Perry is as Oscar on the latest incarnation of The Odd Couple. Matthew plays a role. Jack inhabited Oscar. You swear Jack and Oscar were inseparable except after Th »»

DVD Review: Quincy, M.E. (Season 7)

Quincy, M.E. was the perfect fusion of informative and entertainment in a TV show. Critics may scoff it off as just a dumb mystery show from the '80s. But there was real work being done on the episodes. Scientific theories were being exposed to the m »»

DVD Review: The Twilight Zone (The Complete Fifth Season)

The final season of The Twilight Zone goes out on a high note that continues to marvel and sustain. »»

Disc News: Complete Remastered Twilight Zone This November

No frills box set of the entire Twilight Zone series coming from Imagine Entertainment. »»

DVD Review: Quincy, M.E. (Season 5)

Quincy, M.E.: Season 5 takes the corpse whisperer into the '80s. »»

DVD Review: Quincy, M.E. (Season 4)

By this point on Quincy, Jack Klugman has completely given himself over to the character. He's no longer Oscar Madison in scrubs. »»

DVD Review: Body of Proof (The Complete Second Season)

This season does a fine job mixing freaky murders with Dana Delany's unbalanced homelife. »»

DVD Review: VEGA$ (The Third Season, Volume 1)

This season starts the last season of the greatest series to capture Middle School Las Vegas. »»

DVD Review: Fan Favorites: Best of...

Mini-reviews of Fan Favorite DVD releases for The Honeymooners, Hogan's Heroes, Happy Days, The Odd Couple, Cheers, Fraiser, and MacGyver »»

The Untouchables: Season 3, Volume 1 - DVD Review

Crime paid off royally for those who dared to rub their mugs against Eliot Ness (Robert Stack) and his mob busters. Fresh faces were eager to prove they could knock Frank Nitti (Bruce Gordon) from his lofty seat as Chicago’s vice mayor. The Untouchables: Season 3, Volume 1 has 16 episodes featuring as many stars as bullet holes. »»

The Fugitive: Season Two, Volume Two - DVD Review

The big question for this boxset is not “Does Lt. Gerard finally capture Dr. Richard Kimble,” but “Did they screw up the score again?” »»

Gunsmoke: The Third Season, Volume One - DVD Review

During the first two seasons of Gunsmoke Marshall Matt Dillon (James Arness) wore his badge with a heavy burden. After intense showdowns, he might doubt if the life of a lawman was his true calling. There always seemed to be a moment when he was willing to toss his badge on the ground and ride off toward a peaceful life. Marshall Dillon on Gunsmoke: The Third Season, Volume 1 is determined to be the law that keeps the order. He’s mature and assured while walking the dusty street of Dodge City. He still doesn’t like killing, but he’s accepted it as the necessary evil. He’d rather live with blood on his hands than chaos in his territory. Luckily he hasn’t cleaned up Miss Kitty’s Long Branch saloon. They still have the staircase going upstairs and her girls working the tables without delivering drinks to the cowboys. There’s still a wildness to this season of Gunsmoke. »»

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