DVD Review: Rawhide (The Eighth and Final Season)

Rawhide keep them doggies rollin', right out of primetime in its eighth and final season. »»

DVD Review: Rawhide (The Seventh Season, Volume 1 & 2)

While there would be another season to go, these two boxsets represent the last cattle drive for one drover. »»

DVD Review: Rawhide (The Sixth Season: Volume 1 & 2)

Rawhide: The Sixth Season, Volume 1 & Volume 2 shows a crack unit keeping up the trail action. »»

DVD Review: Rawhide (The Fifth Season, Volume 1 & 2)

Before Clint Eastwood got a taste of the Spaghetti Western he finished up his cattle drive on Rawhide. »»

DVD Review: Rawhide (Season Four, Volume 2)

The series maintains its charms and excitement as it nears the halfway point of the eight season run. »»

DVD Review: Rawhide (The Fourth Season, Volume 1)

The doggies are moving once more. After a wait of two years, the latest installment of Rawhide has arrived on DVD. »»

Mister Ed: The Complete Second Season - DVD Review

What makes this boxset amazing is watching Clint Eastwood blossom as an icon while working with Mister Ed. The talking horse truly changed his life. »»

Rawhide: The Third Season, Volume 2 - DVD Review

While the media focuses on Oscar chances for Clint Eastwood’s grizzled old man in Gran Torino, Rawhide: The Third Season, Volume 2 takes us to the TV start of the cinema star’s career. A half century ago there was youth to his rugged face. Clint had a bit grizzle growth during these early days on the plain. His Rowdy Yates character wasn’t happy camper riding the range behind the cows. As part of a drover crew run by Gil Favor (Eric Fleming), Rowdy is the rough and tumble young ramrod. He won’t back down till given the order. Rawhide is the education of an icon. »»

The Mod Squad: Season 2, Volume 1 - DVD Review

The Mod Squad should be an unintentional comedy after all these decades. Three undercover cops blend with the subcultures around Los Angeles in 1969. The clothes, the hair and the slang should make this a cheesefest like CHiPs. Even with all the historical goofiness, there's no desire to constantly point and laugh at the screen. Why not? Because there's a sincerity between the three young semi-policemen. Linc (Clarence Williams III), Pete (Michael Cole) and Julie (Peggy Lipton) have transformed from troubled teens to a well-oiled crime fighting unit on The Mod Squad: Season 2, Volume 1. »»

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