Amber Rose Talks About Kanye West's Apology, Speaks Out About Whether She Caused Kardashian Split

Amber Rose spoke out on The Wendy Williams Show about her relationship with Kanye West and whether she felt responsible for splitting Kim Kardashian up with Reggie Bush. "You know, he kind of said that he was, well didn't kinda, he said it, that h »»

NFL Football: Reggie Bush to Miami Dolphins

Over the last year, Reggie Bush has not had really anything to be happy about. First, Reggie Bush breaks his leg in the regular season, then the Saints get knocked out of the playoffs by the Seahawks, followed by NCAA allogations that stripped him o »»

McFarlane SportsPicks NFL 2011 Line-Ups

It's that time of year again, time for us to wait with baited breath to find out who will be in next year's assortments of NFL figures from McFarlane. This year, instead of doing a NFL Legends assortment, McFarlane has decided to add the Legends to »»

NFL News: New Orleans Saints RB Reggie Bush Out 4-6 Weeks With Broken Leg

Bush left Monday night's game in the fourth quarter with a broken fibula. »»

2010 NFL Preview Part 8: NFC South

Team                                                Projected Wins-Losses (Range) 1. New Orleans Saints                   11-5 - 13-3 The Saints were very impressive on both side »»

NCAA News: Reggie Bush Will Reportedly Be Stripped Of Heisman Trophy

The university already got rid of their copy of it, now it looks like Bush will get rid of his too. »»

2010 NFL Preview Part 3: AFC West

Team                                                                                Projected Wins - Losses (Range) 1. San Diego Chargers                »»

USC Athletic Director Forced to Step Down

USC is forcing Athletic Director Mike Garrett to step down as of August 3rd and will be replaced by former USC quarterback Pat Haden. Garrett has run into hard times, after the school was recently given 4 years of probation, a 2 year bowl ban, and s »»

Big Orange Guy's Top 5: This is Sports Center commercials

We all love sports. Another thing we all love is really good commercials that make us laugh. The hype of the Super Bowl is not only about the game, it is about the commercials. We shush each other as the commercials come on and hopefully we laugh. »»

NCAA News: Reggie Bush To Support USC's Appeal

You probably should support them, it's your fault they got the punishment in the first place. »»

Full Court Press: Pete Carroll's Clean Getaway

I am a huge fan of college athletics.  I think that it shows a type of sports that is often untainted by the egos and huge contracts that come inevitably with professional athletics.  Professional athletics are corrupt.  College athletics aren't. »»

NCAA News: USC To Hear Infractions Findings Friday

The NCAA will release the finding of an investigation into the USC football and mens basketball teams on Friday after months of investigation and hearings. USC has already self-sanctioned themselves for misdoings in the basketball program, but are h »»

Wild Weekends: A Win that was Anything But a Big Easy

Years from now, this game may turn out to be a torch passing game. In many ways, the game appeared that way to me as it unfolded Sunday night. It was the Saints, the new kids on the block, taking down the Colts, one of the most dominant teams of the last decade, to become champions of pro football. It was Peyton Manning and not Drew Brees who made the game-clinching mistake as one would expect the younger, inexperienced Brees to make such a mistake considering Manning has already been to a Super Bowl—in the same stadium as Sunday's. It was Drew Brees and not Peyton Manning who bumped his game up to that necessary next level to boost his team. And it was the Saints, not the Colts, who made the most out of what their opponent gave them. »»

HEAVEN SENT! The Saints win Super Bowl XLIV!

Perhaps it isn't good for a reporter/columnist to be speechless, but for a while there...I truly was. »»

NFL Divisional Breakdown NFC South

Special Thanks to Brian Landry for handling this one for me. He's one of our regulars in the forum. See, if you play with us in the forum who knows what will happen. »»

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