JT on NXT – 18th March 2015 – Tyler Breeze, Kevin Owens, Sasha Banks

Another cracking episode of NXT, featuring Kevin Owens, Finn Balor and Alexa Bliss! »»

Transformers Review: Fall of Cybertron Grimlock (Platinum Edition)

“Me, Grimlock, no bozo. Me king!" (TF: The Movie, 1986) Transformers Review: Generations FoC Grimlock (Platinum Edition) Size: Voyager (Giftset) OUT NOWA TF review written exclusively for Inside Pulse by Rikkomba All Hail Grimlock! Dinobo »»

Supernatural Episode 8-22 Season Finale Review - Sacrifice

As with all good things this season of Supernatural has flown by and we have almost reached the conclusion. I say almost because we still have a finale to contend and like they have done in the past the writers, producers and actors have planned some »»

Supernatural - Torn and Frayed Review

After a well deserved holiday break, America's favorite monster hunters (well now that Buffy and crew hung it up) Sam, Dean and Castiel are back on the job. In the last episode ("Citizen Fang") we as an audience were left with as many questions a »»

The View From Down Here – Book Review – 'Lucha Gore'

Another book review... with a difference. »»

The View From Down Here – Heroes of Wrestling (Jake Roberts, Marty Jannetty, Jim Neidhart)

The WORST pay-per-view of all time. The WORST wrestling show of all time. Here it is. *Sigh!* »»

Chuck's Reviews: Transformers Dark of the Moon Deluxe Class Vortex

Is Vortex a good example of a repaint/remold being better than the original? Is it sad that a grown man can have a hard time transforming a toy? Is all of the above true? Find out below! [center][/center] »»

Pulse Wrestling TNA IMPACT Wrestling Report for 12.29.11 - Gail Kim vs. Mickie James; Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam

Welcome to the Pulse Wrestling TNA IMPACT Wrestling Report for 12.29.11. I am Alexander Miezin and I will be your reviewer as per usual. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or which ever holiday they celebrate and a safe one. This is TNA's last »»

Chuck's Reviews: Captain America Comic Series Battlefield Captain America

Join me as I take a look at one of the first figures from the Summer blockbuster Captain America. Does this figure live up to the standards set by Cap? was I wrapped in red, white, and blue as I did the review? Find out in the video. »»

EXW Adrenaline Rush 06.21.2011 -- Val Venis, Dom Vitalli, Cutler Wright

One of the better shows to date from this incredible company. With appearances from Val Venis, Derick Neikirk, and more. »»

EXW Adrenaline Rush 06.07.2011 -- Frenchy Riviera, Val Venis, Andrew Hellman

Sad goodbyes, and some overall AMAZING wrestling! »»

EXW Xtreme Measures 05.29.2011 -- Bill DeMott, Giant Bernard, Val Venis

For their biggest show of the year, EXW has some surprises tucked up their sleeves! »»

EXW Adrenaline Rush 05.24.2011 -- Val Venis, Cutler Wright, Robocop!

Yes, I meant to put Robocop in the headline. Want to know more? »»

Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Smackdown! 05.27.2011 -- Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Number One Contenders

Does Christian get another chance to win back his title? Who cares! Kaitlyn is back! »»

EXW Adrenaline Rush 05.10.2011 -- Val Venis, Derick Neikirk, The Freak Squad

Stuck watching the mind-numbing nonsense of TNA and WWE? Try this on for size. »»

Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Smackdown! 05.13.2011 -- Christian, Randy Orton, Kharma

Randy and Christian team up...Kharma sets her sights on another Diva... »»

EXW Adrenaline Rush 04.26.2011 -- Dom Vitalli, Val Venis, Matt Hardy

Preparing for Xtreme Measures (5/29) with appearances from Bill DeMott and Tommy Dreamer! »»

EXW Adrenaline Rush 04.12.2011 -- Val Venis, Cutler Wright, Dom Vitalli

Another great show from Elite Xtreme Wrestling. Featuring, Val Venis, Derick Neikirk, Cutler Wright. »»

EXW Adrenaline Rush 03.29.2011 -- Dom Vitalli, Gabriel Gallo, Val Venis

EXW...athletes, not entertainers. No Snooki to be found here! »»

The View From Down Here – Book Review ‘The Death Of WCW’

10 years ago WCW died... Here's one of the best books detailing how and why that happened. RIP WCW. »»

Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Smackdown! -- Christian, CM Punk, Alberto del Rio

A dash of Christian, a teaspoon of Alberto del Rio, and let simmer for one match. Presto! Instant-classic. »»

EXW Adrenaline Rush 03.15.2011 -- Derick Neikirk, Val Venis, The Freak Squad

Heel turns, big returns, amazing action...why aren't you watching yet? »»

EXW Adrenaline Rush 03.08.2011 -- The Freak Squad, Tyson Tyler, Cutler Wright

EXW goes retro! Missed it? Read about it here. »»

EXW Adrenaline Rush 03.01.2011 -- Val Venis, The Freak Squad, new champions

All the usuals continue kicking ass, and Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli joins the Xtreme team! »»

The View From Down Here – Book Review ‘I’m Next’ by Goldberg [Plus bonus Stephen King]

Another wrestling book... and with a bonus few paragraphs on Stephen King's latest offering. Goldberg or King? You decide! »»

EXW Xtreme Tuesday 02.15.2011 -- Derick Neikirk, Val Venis, The Freak Squad

The promotion that made me say, "WWE who?" »»

The View From Down Here – Book Review ‘True Colours' by Adam Gilchrist

A book review! One of Australia's best modern day cricketers reviews his life and career, and so I review his review. Come in and enjoy the view! »»

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