Transformers Review: Fall of Cybertron Grimlock (Platinum Edition)

“Me, Grimlock, no bozo. Me king!" (TF: The Movie, 1986) Transformers Review: Generations FoC Grimlock (Platinum Edition) Size: Voyager (Giftset) OUT NOWA TF review written exclusively for Inside Pulse by Rikkomba All Hail Grimlock! Dinobo »»

Supernatural Episode 8-22 Season Finale Review - Sacrifice

As with all good things this season of Supernatural has flown by and we have almost reached the conclusion. I say almost because we still have a finale to contend and like they have done in the past the writers, producers and actors have planned some »»

Supernatural - Torn and Frayed Review

After a well deserved holiday break, America's favorite monster hunters (well now that Buffy and crew hung it up) Sam, Dean and Castiel are back on the job. In the last episode ("Citizen Fang") we as an audience were left with as many questions a »»

Chuck's Reviews: Transformers Dark of the Moon Deluxe Class Vortex

Is Vortex a good example of a repaint/remold being better than the original? Is it sad that a grown man can have a hard time transforming a toy? Is all of the above true? Find out below! [center][/center] »»

Chuck's Reviews: Captain America Comic Series Battlefield Captain America

Join me as I take a look at one of the first figures from the Summer blockbuster Captain America. Does this figure live up to the standards set by Cap? was I wrapped in red, white, and blue as I did the review? Find out in the video. »»

The View From Down Here – Book Review ‘True Colours' by Adam Gilchrist

A book review! One of Australia's best modern day cricketers reviews his life and career, and so I review his review. Come in and enjoy the view! »»

10 Thoughts Review On Uncanny X-Men #526 By Matt Fraction And Whilce Portacio

How did I like the first part of Five Lights? »»

10 Thoughts Review On New Mutants #15 By Zeb Wells And Leonard Kirk

Second Coming is over, and Grey gives this book a fair shot. »»

REVIEW: Green Lantern Corps #48 by Tony Bedard

Green Lantern Corps #48 Written by Tony Bedard Art by Ardian Syaf As Peter Tomasi took his leave last month, so must Tony Bedard begin what will most likely be a phenomenal run this month. And I mean, it's sad to see the Classy One go, but alas, »»

Desperate Housewives – Episode 6-16 Review

Hey there viewers, this is the review of the 16th episode of the sixth season of Desperate Housewives. Spoiler-free zone: In this episode the storylines for the second half of season 6 are starting to settle in. Some new storylines seem to emerge »»

NHL in 2009 - Part Two

Here are a few highlights from the second half of 2009 in the NHL. JULY 2009: - This is Christmas in July for a lot of hockey fans as they wait for their teams to either jump into the free agent market or just sit around and complain about not havi »»

Brothers & Sisters: The Complete Third Season - DVD Review

John sits down to review yet another season of the show he loves but forgets is on Sundays. »»

REVIEW: Wednesday Comics #1 and 2

Wednesday Comics, DC's new limited run weekly title, has been touted by the company as a bold experiment in the way comics are published. Taking inspiration from the Sunday funny pages, the comic is a large format collection of fifteen strips, all by different creative teams. There are two central questions about the success of the title: does it work as a book, and does it work as an alternative way for DC to publish their comics? »»

REVIEW: Flash Rebirth #3

Writer: Geoff Johns Artist: Ethan Van Sciver Colorist: Brian Miller Publisher: DC Comics Some time ago during those heady days of Final Crisis, I wrote that Rogues' Revenge (still Geoff Johns' best work by my reckoning) was the first part of an e »»

Nightmare Castle - DVD Review

The make-up is hokey, the pacing is slow and the audio dub is Italiano-ridiculous. Still, this mash-up of gothic romance and horror has its antiquated charms. »»

Retro-Review: Silver Surfer Annual #1 (1988)

Before doing this review I would have sworn this comic came out in the 90's. I guess after having read so many books over the years many series and periods seem to mesh together for me. But it was the late 80's(1988). I was loving this Silver Surfer relaunch. Englehart, the late great Marshall Rogers and Rubenstein had really done an amazing job revitalizing and weaving a great tale in the first 12 issues. »»

Heroes - Episode 3-8 Review

If you hate retcons, then this is definitely not the episode for you. »»

Flash of Genius - Review

Finally, a movie about windshield wipers!! »»

REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man #555-557

Writer: Zeb Wells Artist: Chris Bachalo Inker: Tim Townsend Publisher: Marvel Comics First thing's first. I'm not going to even try commenting on, or understanding, the Brand New Day fiasco. I'm not going to argue its merits, or add to that huge »»

REVIEW: Titans #1

Writer: Judd Winick Artist: Ian Churchill Inker: Norm Rapmund Colourist: Edgar Delgado Publisher: DC Comics Let's get one thing clear. This is a superhero comic. In every conceivable way, everything you might think a ‘superhero comic' might en »»

REVIEW: Ultimate Human #1-3

ulthum003.jpgWriter: Warren Ellis Artist: Cary Nord Colourist: Dave Stewart Publisher: Marvel Comics Two words coloured my expectations of this series: Warren Ellis. That name meant coming to the issues with big expectations. I came hoping for a re-examination of the two starring characters: the Ultimate versions of Tony ‘Iron Man' Stark, and Bruce ‘Hulk' Banner. To my knowledge, there hasn't been any defining work on either character yet (‘Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine' looked so promising…) so, needless to say, I was excited. »»

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