DVD Review: Lisztomania

Lisztomania explores Europe's first rock star by making him a modern rockstar and not a museum piece. »»

Ringo Starr's Birthplace Will Remain In One Piece

The birthplace of Ringo Starr will remain intact in Liverpool. The 3 bedroom Victorian terrace was grouped with 400 other buildings set for demolition due to their deteriorating conditions. Beatles fans and residents alike lobbied together to try and »»

Ringo Starr Lost His Beatles Photos

Ringo Starr had taken countless photos during the Beatles' heyday, but now can't find them any longer.  Back in 2004 he found a box full of postcards from the other members of the group and published a book about it, but sadly has lost his collectio »»

Ringo Starr Creating New Musical With Dave Stewart

Ringo Starr has signed with Paramount to do a new movie musical with former Eurythmics guitarist Dave Stewart.  The movie, to be titled Hole In The Fence, was conceived from an original idea by Starr and Stewart.  The story will focus on kids formi »»

Paul McCartney Thinks The Beatles Might Have Reunited

Paul McCartney has said in an interview that the Beatles had talked about reuniting, although obviously nothing ever happened.  Because they wanted all four members to agree before anything could happen, one dissenting member would scrap ideas for a »»

Ringo Starr Announces New All Starr Band Tour Dates

Ringo Starr has announced the lineup for his latest "All Starr Band" tour.  It will consist of Gregg Rolie, Todd Rundgren and other hitmakers from the 80s.  The setlist will be a mixture of Starr's Beatles catalogue as well as hits from the groups »»

What Do Ringo Starr and So You Think You Can Dance Have In Common?

If you saw tonight's episode (June 1) of So Your Think You Can Dance, you would know the answer to the question "What Do Ringo Starr and So You Think You Can Dance Have In Common?" But if you didn't, the answer is NOTHING! Except for that crazy fa »»

Who is Harry Nilsson? (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him) - Review

Engaging documentary shines bright light on a legendary singer/songwriter. »»

Oasis Frontman Liam Gallagher Planning Beatles Biopic

Could it be better than Backbeat? »»

Ringo Starr Refuses Vatican Apology

Ringo rejects the Vatican. »»

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