CB's Slant: 3 Potential Things Triple H Could Announce on WWE Monday Night Raw to Really Shake Things Up on the Road to WrestleMania

Could Triple H really shake things up? CB looks at a few possibilities... »»

CB's Slant: Worst Royal Rumble Match and Results Ever (Awesome WWE Title Match, Though)

My take on the worst Royal Rumble Match EVER... »»

CB's World: 5 2015 WWE Royal Rumble PPV Results that Would Make Me Happy on the Road to WWE WrestleMania XXXI

CB gives you 5 Royal Rumble scenarios to chew on and asks for YOUR Royal Rumble longshot picks! »»

CB's Slant: How CM Punk Saved WWE WrestleMania XXX

How did CM Punk save WrestleMania XXX? CB explains... »»

CB Asks: How Would YOU Book WrestleMania XXX with Attitude Era Rules?

How would YOU book WrestleMania XXX if the rules of the TV-14 / Attitude Era were still being applied today? »»

CB's Slant: Daniel Bryan Occupies Raw as WWE Finally Calls the WrestleMania XXX Audible They Needed

CB talks about Daniel Bryan's Occupy Raw segment on Raw and what it (finally) really means... »»

Boo-tista Movement Update: Botchamania 244 Gag Makes it to WWE SmackDown Friday 03.07.2014 (Batista, Daniel Bryan)

Botchamania gag makes it to this week's episode of Friday Night SmackDown... »»

Trashy Ring Attire February 2014 - With Special Guest CB! (State of TNA Impact Wrestling, WrestleMania XXX Card, CM Punk, More)

For the fourth episode, CB makes a special appearance, talking the current state of TNA Impact Wrestling (including harking back to BD's TNA recapping days and talking about the Abyss/Joseph Park storyline that has hilariously lasted FOREVER), Elimin »»

How Well-Known / Recognizable is Hulk Hogan in America?

Do you know who Hulk Hogan is, brother? »»

CB's Slant: Welcome to Another Ho-Hum WrestleMania (WrestleMania XXX, Randy Orton vs. Batista)

It's official folks! WrestleMania XXX is shaping up EXACTLY how WWE management wanted, with zero audibles called despite vocal crowds hijacking shows and simply wanting something new and emotionally rewarding at the top of the card. That's right, »»

Daniel Bryan and the YES! Movement in Pop Culture Featured in USA Today Article, Stephanie McMahon Also Quoted

Mainstream coverage of the YES! Movement with quotes from Daniel Bryan and Stephanie McMahon... »»

CB's Slant: On CM Punk Leaving WWE

CB On CM Punk... »»

CB's Slant: CB and Swayze's WWE WrestleMania XXX Card, Match Listings and Some Results

CB and Swayze present their WrestleMania XXX card... »»

CB's World: Daniel Bryan Joins The Wyatt Family on Raw? This Better Be Good...

CB talks about the huge risk WWE is taking with the Daniel Bryan / Wyatt Family alliance... »»

WWE's Top 10 (Almost) Streak-Stoppers against The Undertaker at WrestleMania (HBK, Triple H, Kane, Edge, More)

See which WWE superstars came oh so close to ending THE STREAK at WrestleMania... »»

CB Asks: How Would YOU Book the Rest of the WWE WrestleMania 29 Card?

How would YOU book the Granddaddy of Them All? Tell us! »»

WWE's Top 20 WrestleMania Celebrity Appearances (Video)

WWE compiles a list of their Top 20 WrestleMania celebrity appearances... »»

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