Rob Zombie's Lord of Salem Gets Trailer, Poster

New trailer & poster released »»

Rob Zombie's Latest Crappy Horror Film Lords of Salem Gets First Crappy Trailer

Rob Zombie's latest film Lords of Salem has a trailer. »»

Man Claiming To Be White Zombie Drummer Arrested For Fraud

A man who claims to be the former drummer for White Zombie has been arrested for fraud in California.  The man, Loren Breckenridge, has been using the name of drummer Phil Buerstatte, and police are unsure if he's actually that person or not.  The »»

Embodiment of Evil - Blu-ray Review

The best part of Embodiment has to be the cinematography by José Roberto Eliezer. There are a lot of creative shots that keep the film moving, and make the most of it’s obviously small budget. »»

Grindhouse - Blu-ray Review

See Grindhouse the way it was meant to be seen. »»

James Gunn Sells Super To IFC Films

Rainn Wilson stars as a costume vigilante who fights crime with a wrench. »»

Disc News: Grindhouse Collector's Edition Blu-Ray Gets Detailed

One down, the Whole Bloody Affair to go. Grindhouse Blu-ray coincides with release of Machete in theaters. »»

Bad Movies Done Right - Every Other Day is Halloween

Dick Dyszel was a man torn between three alter egos: a clown, a captain and a count »»

Rutger Hauer is a Hobo With a Shotgun

Fake trailer from Grindhouse to be made into full-length film. »»

Making Movie History: The House That Wouldn't Die…But It Should

There are remakes and there are re-imaginings, but right now both of them are en route down the road of "Murdering The Horror Genre Lane." It's also the new description of being a big old pile of lazy sh…. »»

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto - DVD Review

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto is Zombie's trek into animation based off of his comic book and for the first time I have sat back, witnessed something he has done, and just had to say "WTF?" »»

Halloween 2 - Review

Rob Zombie’s opus is complete. Too bad it sucks. »»

Monday Morning Critic - 4/13

On tap this week: -- Blasting the movie a week challenge -- Making the movie? -- H2? Seriously? And slightly much more! »»

Halloween: Collector's Edition arriving for Halloween

Just in time to give you an extra scary Halloween, we get this frightening news about Rob Zombie's remake of the John Carpenter classic... »»

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