The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection - Blu-ray Review

This collection brings back the joy of rainy Sunday afternoon mystery movies that used to run on TV. »»

Official: Shane Black to Helm Iron Man 3!

Look up the word awesome in the dictionary, you know what you'll find? This announcement. »»

Shane Black In Talks To Write/Direct Iron Man 3

The director and star of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang might reunite for the third adventure of the armored avenger. »»

Robert Downey Jr. Exits Wizard Of OZ Prequel, Johnny Depp May Replace

Sam Raimi directed prequel to The Wizard of Oz seeking replacement wizard. »»

New Image and Details Emerge for Sherlock Holmes Sequel

Dr. Watson and a Gatling Gun is far from elementary. »»

Anne Rice Wants Robert Downey Jr. as Lestat

And she has an idea of who should play Louis as well. »»

Warner Brothers Hoping To Woo Robert Zemeckis For Wizard of Oz Remake

Back to the Future director wanted to remake 1939 MGM classic using the original script. »»

Inside Pulse Box Office Report: Megamind, Due Date and Tyler Perry Help Break Records

Three new releases help to boost the box office earnings by more than 30% compared to this weekend a year ago. »»

Due Date - Review

Great acting elevates a subpar script »»

Rumor: Marvel Soliciting Pitches For War Machine Movie

Iron Man spin-off would center on series' supporting character. »»

Sam Raimi to Direct Wizard of Oz Prequel with Robert Downey Jr.

Good thing he found something to replace Spider-Man. Deadline New York reports that Disney "has received a commitment from director Sam Raimi to Oz: The Great And Powerful as his next film. Raimi had become attached to Oz in June, with the hope of la »»

Deal Alert: Iron Man 2 Blu-ray/DVD Combo only $19.99

Amazon drops its original price so people can save an extra five bucks! »»

Iron Man 2 - Blu-ray Review

If the Iron Man 2 Blu-ray was presented at the Stark Expo, it’d win top prize, hands down. »»

Stephen Fry Cast As Mycroft In Sherlock Holmes 2

Stephen Fry will play Sherlock Holmes' brother! »»

A Scanner Darkly - Blu-ray Review

A Scanner Darkly from the get go seemed to be destined for status as a cult film as opposed to a mainstream film due to its look at the world of the drug addict. »»

Noomi Rapace Joins Cast of Sherlock Holmes 2

A computer hacker with a photogenic memory joining the Sherlock Holmes sequel. Elementary job in the casting department. »»

Angelina Jolie Kills Another Film Production?

First she didn't want anything to do with a sequel to Wanted (the project died quickly thereafter), now Angelina is putting a halt to a $80 million sci-fi project. »»

Shia LaBeouf is Hollywood's Most Bankable Star

Franchises and adaptations are the key, apparently. »»

SDCC Teaser Trailer for The Avengers Now Online

I've been waiting close to two weeks for these thirty that sad? »»

Mark Ruffalo talks about turning green in The Avengers

You wouldn't like him when he's angry. Or him...or him either. »»

Disc News: Paramount Announces Iron Man 2 for DVD & Blu-ray

Paramount Home Entertainment plans to have the cocky superhero in living rooms this September. »»

Raimi Offered Reigns to Oz, The Great And Powerful

Director of Evil Dead, Spider-Man films to pay attention to man behind the curtain? »»

Jeremy Renner on target to play Hawkeye?

Neal McDonough also in talks to join Captain America. »»

Warner Bros. sets Sherlock Sequel Release Date

At an investors meeting, Warner reveals the release date for Sherlock Holmes sequel. »»

REVIEW: Iron Man 2 with Robert Downey Jr.

I'm normally not much of a movie reviewer, especially without a hard copy in front of me to rewind, review, and rewatch. I had a teacher in high school that beat critical reviews of movies into my head.....I still dislike her for that, she ruined the »»

Iron Man 2 - Review

Rinse, lather, repeat, Robert Downey Jr. »»

Iron Man 2 - Review

Solid entertainment, but keep your expectations in check. »»

Sherlock Holmes - DVD Review

With Sherlock Holmes Ritchie has finally proven that he’s got more than one card up his sleeve. »»

Iron Man 2 Clip - Battle of the Comeback Kids

For Tony Stark, his new armor is like an American Express card. Don't leave home without it. »»

Joss Whedon In Final Talks to Direct Avengers

Risky move for Marvel Studios could pay off big »»

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