Blu-ray Review: Strippers vs Werewolves

If you’re looking for a film with strippers and werewolves and lots of gore and laughs, then look no further. »»

Scary Movies (and Super Creeps) — Never Sleep Again DVD Review

The bastard son of a 100 maniacs is given the chance to shine in this exhaustive look at the Nightmare on Elm Street series. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Nightmarathon Pt. 6: Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Set ten years after A Nightmare on Elm Street 5, Freddy’s Dead plays loose with any type of logic or semblance of continuity. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Nightmarathon Pt. 4: A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

Dream Master, under director Renny Harlin’s watchful eye, ramps up the special effects considerably. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Nightmarathon Pt. 3: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

In Dream Warriors, the action moves away from Elm Street proper and into the Westin Hills psychiatric hospital. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Nightmarathon Pt. 1: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Thirteen hours, eight Nightmare on Elm Street movies, no sleep — this isn't going to end well, is it? »»

Disc News: DVD Artwork Released for Nightmare Documentary

Clocking in at four hours in length, the documentary promises the definitive look back at the film franchise that made audiences afraid to give into sleep. »»

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer - DVD Review

It should come as no surprise to those of you who read my reviews to know that my beloved horror genre has almost completely disappointed me in the past decade and a half or so. Every now and then something will come along to whet my appetite and keep me entertained just long enough for the next piece of crap to come along and remind me how awful the horror world has gotten. Spiral did a great job of breathing life into the psychological thriller/horror flick. Hatchet made me flash back to the eighties and the old campy feel of horror icons. Rob Zombie's Halloween wasn't brilliant, but it sure as hell was fun. And with the rumors of Ash making a comeback sometime in the future always being debunked; it was nice getting another freakish hero by the name of Jack Brooks. »»

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