Mork & Mindy arrives on Earth in December

Robin Willims arrived in the national consciousness as Mork, an alien eager to kidnap Richie Cunningham on Happy Days. He proved a worthy opponent for the Fonz. This immediately earned him his own TV series that included a kinder Mork and a cute girl »»

Robin Williams' Passing: David Letterman Offers Most Moving Tribute Yet [VIDEO]

David Letterman paid tribute to his late friend Robin Williams on yesterday's show. »»

Conan O'Brien & Will Arnett Pay Emotional Respects To Robin Williams

Last night's episode of Conan ended on a sad note, one that hasn't really been felt before on the late-night comedy program. »»

Sarah Michelle Gellar Eulogizes Robin Williams, Says He Was Father She 'Dreamed Of Having' & Tweets Touching Photo Collage

While tributes to Robin Williams continue to pour in, perhaps one of the most touching came from Williams' on-screen daughter, Sarah Michelle Gellar. »»

Robin Williams Dead At Age 63

Sad news... »»

Lee Daniels' The Butler - Review

Might as well call it For Your Consideration. »»

Blu-ray Review: Good Will Hunting (15th Anniversary Edition)

Priced extremely well, this wonderful coming of age story and the hour's worth of new bonus material make a double-dip all the more tempting. »»

New Full Trailer For Happy Feet Two

Second trailer for animated film debuts »»

Blu-ray Review: Good Will Hunting

When all is said and done, GWH will be the film that will always be looked upon as the film that launched the careers of two big stars and ended up being the culmination of a career for another. »»

The Fisher King Coming To Blu-Ray

Jeff Bridges as a slick DJ, Robin Williams homeless, and Mercedes Ruehl wins an Oscar. Oh, and it's a Terry Gilliam movie too. »»

Moulin Rouge! - Blu-ray Review

Beloved hyper-kinetic musical gets deluxe treatment for high-definition release. »»

Who is Harry Nilsson? (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him) - Review

Engaging documentary shines bright light on a legendary singer/songwriter. »»

Hamlet (1996) - Blu-Ray Review

Kenneth Branagh directed and starred as the titular character in the definitive version of the time-honored story for one reason: he filmed every single moment of the play and put it on screen. »»

Mark Romanek Returns With Never Let Me Go Trailer

Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield and Keira Knightly star in the romantic coming-of-age film that features a twist of science fiction. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Old Dogs

Old Dogs certainly doesn't show any new tricks. »»

World's Greatest Dad - DVD Review

I had no idea Bobcat Goldthwait was still in Hollywood, turns out he's writing and directing movies now. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Counting Down the Hits

Instead of leaving a child's mathematical education in the hands of a Sesame Street character who sucks blood and has a nervous giggle, here are a few movies that can offer tomorrow’s leaders the perfect introduction into the magical world of numbers. »»

Making Movie History: Unlikely Roles For Your Heroes

Type casting is something that happens way too often in the acting world and we end up seeing particular actors star in almost the exact same role over and over again. It's a shame because we could be missing out on some breakthrough performances and brilliant talent that we'll never get a chance to see simply because some guy seems best as the fat funny sidekick. But what about the accomplished actors that decide to step out of their comfort zone and into the unusual role that it's so hard to see them in? It happens, and the results aren't always pretty. »»

Inside The Actor's Studio: Robin Williams - DVD Review

Robin Williams has been seen as an adult-sized child. Many loved it when he provided the voice of the playful and hilarious genie in Aladdin. He's been admired as Mork, Patch, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Peter Pan. We all know he's quite humorous and can even play a creepy freak that is stalking a family through their photos. But what else do we know about the overly hairy actor that we don't get to see on the big screen or on his DVD releases? How much more is there to the funny man that can make us laugh with a facial expression just as much as with a script? James Lipton aimed to find out. »»

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Terry Gilliam is one director whose films have almost always been plagued by disaster. One need look no farther than the recent tragic loss of Heath Ledger or the documentary Lost In La Mancha to see this. However Gilliam is no stranger to this kind of frustration. He had to fight Universal for final cut of Brazil, then came the financial catastrophe that became The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen. Luckily it turned out to be a pretty darn good film. »»

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