DVD Review: Gentle Ben (Season One)

Gentle Ben is a fine dose of semi-wholesome family entertainment. »»

DVD Review: Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Volume XXVII)

Another fine MST3K entry with four movies that cover the major mixtures of mad scientists and Satellite of Love crews. »»

DVD Review: Laverne and Shirley (The Fifth Season)

This is one of the few times that a viewer needs to hit the bonus features before watching the regular episodes. »»

Behind the Scenes Production Photos from Ron Howard's Rush

The first images from Ron Howard's Rush, his followup to The Dilemma, have been released by the director himself via his Twitter feed. Plot Summary: Set against the 1970′s golden age of Formula 1 racing, “Rush" portrays the fast-paced and exh »»

Monday Morning Critic - 2.27.2011 - 10 Thoughts on The 2012 Academy Awards, Billy Crystal & Running Scared

Every Monday morning, InsidePulse Movies Czar Scott “Kubryk" Sawitz brings an irreverent and oftentimes hilarious look at pop culture, politics, sports and whatever else comes to mind. And sometimes he writes about movies. I had absolutely nothi »»

Disc News: Route 66: The Complete Series pulls up in May,

Time to break out the classic Corvette and cruise across America with Tod and Buz with the impending arrival of Route 66: The Complete Series. All four seasons will finally get released at once. No more waiting for installments. It's all here at a pr »»

Warner Bros. To Adapt Jon Krakauer's Under The Banner Of Heaven

Jon Krakauer's 2003 non-fiction work about murder in the name of the Mormon faith to get cinematic treatment. »»

The Ron Howard Action Pack - DVD Review

Roger Corman’s Cult Classics Double Feature - The Ron Howard Action Pack is a double feature more exciting than The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons. »»

Disc News: Ron Howard's Outlaw Double Feature

Put the pedal to the metal »»

American Graffiti rolling onto Blu-ray!

The inspiration behind Happy Days gets a Blu-Ray release! »»

The Dilemma - Review

Disjointed comedy may be Ron Howard’s worst. »»

The Andy Griffith Show: 50th Anniversary - The Best of Mayberry - DVD Review

The Andy Griffith Show: 50th Anniversary - The Best of Mayberry brings together so many of the moments that have made this series endearing. »»

Rumor: Javier Bardem and Viggo Mortenson Frontrunners for The Dark Tower

Actors being sought for film, television adaptation of Stephen King's beloved book series. »»

Roger Corman's Cult Classics titles for 2011

Fans of the Roger Corman’s Cult Classics series will be extra happy in 2011 »»

Little Fockers - Review

Sequel to unfunny series of movies even less funny. »»

Parenthood: Season One - DVD Review

The one main negative for this show is that they try to cram as many serious topics as they can in the first season. »»

Monday Morning Critic - 6.14 - The BP Oil Spill, To Hell and Back, World Cup 2010

Pondering how we can fix the BP oil spill with the power of celebrity, taking a peak at the World War II flick To Hell and Back and riffing on the World Cup 2010 »»

Winona Ryder is a Cheater

The actress joins a new Ron Howard comedy. »»

Disc News: Death Race 2000 hits 1080p

Bill from Kill Bill and Rambo engage in some road rage this June. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Bad Moon

Dennis the Menace vs. Wolf Man »»

The Music Man - Blu-ray Review

The Music Man is the greatest singing con of all time. Henry Hill is the ultimate music hustler as he takes River City for a ride. »»

Disc News: Shout! for Roger Corman

Shout! Factory to bring Corman's New Horizons films to DVD! »»

Angels & Demons Decoded - DVD Review

So much more hidden beneath the scriptures, the artifacts, and the history that there will be new revelations or simply change everything we ever thought we knew. »»

Angels & Demons on DVD and Blu-ray

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced 1-disc DVD, 2-disc DVD, and 2-disc Blu-ray releases of Angels & Demons, all of which arrive on November 24, 2009. »»

The Da Vinci Code - Blu-ray Review

To most fanatical Christians, the main story behind The Da Vinci Code would appear to be blasphemous. But don't mistake the fact that the story and plotline behind this novel and movie is a work of fiction. »»

Frost/Nixon - Fiction and Reality

If you're interested in Richard Nixon or Watergate, this is your DVD experience. »»

Angels & Demons - Review

Generic thriller with a terrific look »»

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