Johnny English Reborn - Review

One of Britain’s finest comedians tries to launch spy comedy franchise … again »»

Blackadder (The Ultimate Edition) - DVD Review

The excellent thing about this DVD set is that you get everything involving Blackadder, including all the Christmas specials and the documentary about the series Blackadder Rides Again. This is everything Blackadder and we’re all the better for it. »»

Mr. Bean: The Ultimate Collection - DVD Review

Can one get too much of a good thing? Well, there is a right answer and a wrong answer to that and both of them are "yes" and "no." Confused, well let me just tell you that Rowan Atkinson has done a phenomenal job in the world of acting and comedy and it all began with the nutty character known as Mr. Bean. He was insane, barely ever said a word, and just couldn't keep himself out of trouble. Every episode was funnier then the next and never once got tiresome. Then Hollywood had to come along and bastardize everything by putting him into feature films and all went downhill from there. »»

The Best Of Mr. Bean Volume Two - DVD Review

British humor is really an acquired taste and needs to be taken very lightly and with an open mind. That is unless you're British, then it's probably just funny as hell to you anyway. There isn't a lot of this type of comedy that I've ever really found hilarious or even remotely amusing, but sometimes there is that one needle in a haystack and it tickles my funny bone. One of those few instances happens to turn into many when it is the case of all the episodes of Mr. Bean. No, I'm not talking about the washed-up and incredibly annoying version that found his way into feature films. I'm talking about the guy who barely ever spoke and only needed a television and antennae to make people laugh. »»

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