Inside Pulse Best TV Character Tournament 2011 - Voting Begins For The Second Round Matchups

The first round voting has ended and there was really only 1 MAJOR upsets as one of the top 16 seeds goes down in the first round. The #15 overall seed and the #4 seed in the the CBS Region, Walter White from Breaking Bad went down to the animated Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. I was definitely surprised by that, because Breaking Bad is one of the best shows on television. But it's on cable and Family Guy is on FOX, so perhaps there is not as many people who watch Breaking Bad. »»

Survivor Redemption Island Spoilers: First Video Released… Boston Rob & Russell In Secret Alliance?

The first video interview of Rob and Russell finding out that they will be playing against each other has been released. In the interview, the pair first talk a little trash but then discuss possibly aligning with each other to take out the other »»

Survivor Redemption Island News: Russell Hantz Responds To Spoiling Allegations

In a story that has rocked the Survivor world, online spoiler Jim Early (Missyae) alleged that Russell Hantz was the one who gave him the information that allowed him to successfully spoil the show. »»

Survivor Redemption Island News: Spoiler Fingers Russell Hantz As His Source

In a story that is sure to set the Survivor world on fire, a well-known Survivor spoiler has named Russell Hantz (a participant on the next season of the show) as his source. »»

Survivor Redemption Island: Boston Rob vs. Russell Showdown Will Be No-Contest

Boston Rob Mariano is the greatest Survivor player of all-time. When we did our Greatest Player ever feature, he was my pick as the best of all-time and with the announcement finally being made that he will be taking on Russell Hantz on the next sea »»

Survivor Redemption Island Spoilers: Boston Rob vs. Russell Officially Confirmed

It has been rumored for months but now it is official. »»

My Favorite Survivor Contestants Thus Far

As lists are always somewhat controversial, let's preface this with a little introduction. These are my favorite Survivor players. In some ways, I've listed who I think the best Survivor players are. »»

Survivor 2010 Spoilers: Russell Hantz Arrested!

Survivor Heroes and Villaisn mainstay Russell Hantz has been arrested! is reporting that Russell was arrested in Louisiana early this morning after cops say he attacked somebody at a street festival. Hantz was reportedly at the Festival Int »»

Greatest Survivor Player Of All-Time: Contenders - Russell Hantz

Russell Hantz Survivor Samoa, Survivor Heroes Vs. Villains My final entrant is Russell Hantz. The notorious villain who found three hidden immunity idols without any clues and who went into the merge with a minority only to get the Galu tribe to »»

Surviving Survivor Special Preview To Air Thursday On CBS

CBS has announced that some of Survivor's most famous players will recall their time on the show in an upcoming one-hour special. Season one winner Richard Hatch and Survivor: Samoa's Russell Hantz are among the contestants who will be interviewed f »»

Survivor's Richard Hatch says Survivor Russell Hantz 'Went Too Far'

Is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black? People Magazine reports that at Survivor's recent 10-year anniversary party, Hatch was quite outspoken but Russell taking the title of top reality heel from him. “Russell played well," Hatch s »»

Murtz Interviews Russell Hantz At Survivor Samoa Finale [Video]

Recently, Murtz managed to catch-up with Samoa winner Natalie White and the man that she defeated, Russell Hantz for their thoughts on what happened. Hope you enjoy. Read more at Murtz's Virgin Radio blog »»

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