Nicki Minaj And Mariah Carey Deny Idol Feud

Although the judges for the 12th season of American Idol have barely been announced, rumors are already swirling about a feud between them.  Both Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey laughed off the suggestions at a recent press gathering, with Mariah notin »»

Alanis Morissette To Join American Idol Cast?

During a radio interview, Canadian star Alanis Morissette dropped a huge hint that she may be the next judge to grace American Idol. When asked if she`d ever been approached to be on the show, she said "I'm in talks with somebody right now. I can't n »»

Mariah Carey To Join The Ranks Of American Idol

Pop diva Mariah Carey announced today that she will be joining American Idol as a judge in its next season. She says. "As a singer, songwriter and producer, it's going to be fun and rewarding to help find new talent and give back with American Idol, »»

Jennifer Lopez Leaving American Idol

The second biggest diva on American Idol has decided that it's time to go her own way. Jennifer Lopez says: "Something had to give and that's I think where I am right now. . . I honestly feel that the time has come, that I have to get back to doing »»

Phillip Phillips Wins American Idol

Phillip Phillips won the 11th season of American Idol last night, beating out Jessica Sanchez for the crown.  He is the fifth male in a row to win the competition.  Phillips got the majority of a record 132 million votes. »»

Ryan Seacrest Still Here For Another Two Years

Ryan Seacrest will continue on as the host of American Idol for at least another two years yet.  The latest extension pays him $15 million per season, although that number isn't confirmed.  Many had speculated that Seacrest would jump to The X Fac »»

American Idol Contestant Phillip Phillips Hospitalized

American Idol contestant Phillip Phillips was sent to the hospital today for symptoms resembling kidney stones, jeopardizing his chances of continuing on the show.   Phillips has had stones removed on five previous occasions, and went to the hospit »»

CB's Open Mic: American Idol Recap: Season 11, Episode 7 (St. Louis Auditions)

Welcome to another edition of CB's Open Mic and another American Idol Recap. Tonight's auditions take place in St. Louis, Missouri, where eight years ago an unknown Oklahoma woman named Carrie Underwood took a road trip that she is still current »»

CB's Open Mic: American Idol Recap: Season 11, Episode 6 (Portland, Oregon Auditions)

Welcome to another edition of CB's Open Mic and another American Idol Recap. Tonight's auditions take place in Portland, Oregon for the first time in Idol history, and somewhere Fred Armisen is smiling. --Brittany Zika, 21, The Story -- Funny »»

CB's Open Mic: American Idol Recap: Season 11, Episode 5 (Galveston, Texas Auditions)

Welcome to another edition of CB's Open Mic and another American Idol Recap. Tonight's auditions take place deep in the heart of Galveston, Texas. --Fun Fact: Galveston, Texas is a mere 5 hour and 15 minute drive from Burleson, Texas, which i »»

CB's Open Mic: American Idol Recap: Season 11, Episode 4 (Aspen Auditions)

Welcome to another edition of CB's Open Mic and another American Idol Recap. Tonight's auditions take place in Aspen, Colo. Before we get started, I was not around Sunday to recap the last episode, but the only thing that seemed to happen is t »»

CB's Open Mic: American Idol Recap of Season 11, Episode 2 (Pittsburgh Auditions)

Welcome to another edition of CB's Open Mic. I had so much fun yesterday that I figured I'd give this whole American Idol recap thing another whirl. Please note: I'll be commenting mostly on the good auditions only, since I feel there is no need t »»

Ruben Studdard Getting Divorced

After being married for 3 years, Ruben Studdard and his wife Surata Zuri McCants are filing for divorce. The two are citing that they have "irreconcilable differences", and are going their separate ways. Gone are the days where two people would have »»

Will Scotty McCreery Reach Number 1?

The latest winner of American Idol, Scotty McCreery just released his first album on October 4th. The album "Clear As Day" features a track with Keith Urban, is expected to debut in the number one spot. Could someone other than Kelly Clarkson end up »»

American Idol 2011 Spoilers: Judges Reveal Details About New Season; Will Steven Tyler Be The New Simon Cowell?

The new American Idol judging panel (+ Randy Jackson) met the media today and finally opened up about the most highly-anticipated season of the series. Steven Tyler said that “Idol is taking it up a notch. No more, no less." Randy Jackson wel »»

American Idol News: Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler Officially Become The New Judges

It's the show that reminds us to drink Coke and drive Fords - American Idol! E Online reports that "Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are in the house! The pop diva and rocker officially join Randy Jackson at the American Idol judges' table for season »»

American Idol Episode 9-42 Recap

Not exactly a thrilling final Tuesday, but a final Tuesday nonetheless. »»

American Idol Episode 9-40 Recap

Final three time, and for the last few weeks the judges have been begging the contestants to bring it. But on this night, only one contestant ensured that it was broughten. »»

American Idol Episode 9-38 Recap

Four legs good, two legs bad. »»

American Idol 2010 Episode 9-36 Recap

It's Sinatra/Big Band week, or as I call it, "Not Relevant At All To Your Music Career (Unless You're John Stevens)" week. »»

American Idol - Episode 9-36 Review

In order to make things more contemporary and youthful, tonight's American Idol is all about Frank Sintara. Each of the five finalists will gets a chance to play it safe with songs that the Chairman of the Board made iconic. You'd figure at this poin »»

American Idol Episode 9-34 Recap

It can be argued that no one deserves to go home this week. »»

American Idol Episode 9-30 Recap

It's sparkly Elvis week! »»

American Idol 2010 Episode 9-28 Recap

Didgeridoo and bagpipe are two words that I never thought I would say in an Idol recap. »»

American Idol 2010 Episode 9-26 Recap

I'm with Simon and I don't see the point in having the contestant sing for 2 minutes to delay the inevitable - they're either gonna get the boot or they'll be saved. Period. »»

American Idol - Episode 9-24 Review

Tonight is the last night a contestant is truly sent home. The remaining 10 will mainly have to walk off the stage and return to the Idol apartment complex for numerous singing and dancing rehearsals for this summer's arena tour. The key to a few of »»

American Idol - Episode 9-23 Review

Didn't they used to only have a half hour episode results show when they had to dump one kid? Does it really take this long to separate one of them from the pack? Animal Planet doesn't take this long to show a wildebeest baby get torn apart by a pack »»

American Idol - Episode 9-19 Review

Will this be the first diva-free American Idol? There doesn't seem to be a single female contestant that has an explosive and emotional vocal ability. It's a tepid bunch even amongst the few talented amongst the remaining eight. Nobody seems able to »»

American Idol - Episode 9-17 Review

There's tension for tonight's live broadcast. If Crystal Bowersox can't perform because of her illness, she's cut. Really? Silence would be a major improvement over a few of the ladies from last week. Can the busker pull it out? Ryan reminds us that »»

American Idol - Episode 9-16 Review

Crystal Bowersox was rushed to the hospital for complications related to diabetes. The producers have decided to swap the girls for the boys on tonight's episode so she's not eliminated for medical reasons. Is there any reason we should be optimisti »»

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