Sanctuary - Episode 4-4 Review - Resistance

"Resistance" has a pretty cool plot, with a set of bad guys and Magnus battling them on her own, but that's not what the audience will remember the episode for. What they'll remember, of course, is Magnus's kiss with Charlotte at the end of the episo »»

Sanctuary - Episode 4-3 - Untouchable

Man, why can't the Sanctuary writers just get back to the usual capturing abnormals plots? "Untouchable" introduces us to possibly the biggest douchebag in television history, this UN guy who is incessantly smug and rude, calling abnormals monsters a »»

Sanctuary Episode 4-2 Review: Uprising

While I've been confused by Sanctuary before, the decision to air "Uprising" after "Tempus" really had me scratching my head. The way the two episodes did play out left little mystery. From "Tempus" we knew Magnus was perfectly safe and would reappea »»

Sanctuary Episode 4-1 Review: Tempus

Sanctuary likes to build up enemies and make them look the the greatest threat to Earth--the Cabal and their biological weapon the first and second season, Praxis and Big Bertha in the third season. Ultimately, after all the build up, these enemies a »»

Sanctuary Episode 3-20 Review: Into the Black

At first glance, "Into the Black" looks like an awesome episode that leads into an exciting fourth season. The episode ends on two cliffhangers which leave all the characters in difficult situations. But we also have to consider the way in which the »»

Sanctuary Episode 3-19 Review: Out of the Blue

I, for one, will be grateful when Sanctuary goes back to the 13-episode season format in the fall. "Out of the Blue," like last week's episode, takes a well-worn sci-fi concept--putting the characters in an alternate reality--and does nothing innovat »»

Sanctuary Episode 3-18 Review: Carentan

The concept of "Carentan," main characters stuck in a time dilation field with people who will disappear, is nothing new and has been done many times before. Luckily, the episode doesn't get too caught up in the concept itself, which can spur discuss »»

Sanctuary Episode 3-17 Review: Normandy

So there's where all the budget went... After several episodes with obviously low budgets, Sanctuary brought us "Normandy," which looks really expensive compared to normal episodes, featuring authentic-looking WWII sets and costumes. While I liked th »»

Sanctuary Episode 3-16 Review: Awakening

Compared to the episodes after the Hollow Earth arc, "Awakening" is definitely a step up. Magnus is back in full force, Tesla returns for the first time, and the episode explores the vampires and their battle against Praxis. Unfortunately, like most »»

Sanctuary Episode 3-15 Review: Wingman

OK, now I'm getting confused about Sanctuary. It was given a 20 episode third season, more than the usual 13 for cable shows. The season began amazingly with the Hollow Earth arc which ended at episode 11, halfway through the season. I presumed at th »»

Sanctuary Episode 3-14 Review: Metamorphosis

As the title indicates, "Metamorphosis" draws from Kafka's short story of the same name, most of all Will's transformation. Instead of an insect, though, he becomes part lizard, part plant. The plot follows Will as he first finds pleasure in climbing »»

Sanctuary Episode 3-12 Review: Hangover

After the Hollow Earth arc, anything short of mythology-deep, exciting episode would be a disappointment. It doesn't mean that the episode would necessarily be bad, just that our expectations from Sanctuary are probably higher than they were a season »»

Sanctuary - Episode 3-13 Review

It's odd to watch a new episode on Friday and another new one three days later, isn't it? It's also odd that Magnus was absent from most of the episode, but it makes sense since Amanda Tapping directed the episode.Like "Hangover" a few days ago, "One »»

Sanctuary - Episode 3-11 Review

Sanctuary has been gone since mid-December! If you can remember all the way back, Helen, Will, Henry, and Kate had been killed by Ranna after trespassing into Praxis. "Pax Romana" begins right where the previous episode leaves off, and the episode is »»

Syfy Renews Sanctuary

Sanctuary was renewed for a fourth season consisting of 13 episodes airing in fall 2010. That's down from the 20 episodes of the third season, but still on par with the first and second. »»

My Lists of the Best of Television From 2010

By and large, numbered list are useful only for entertainment purposes. Without standard criteria, lists reflect authors' personal feelings and tastes. And even if there were a checklist for television show attributes, this is still television where everything is widely varied. My mindset is that lists are immensely fun to read and write. It allows for reflection on the past which is sometimes necessary when episodes continue to be produced and watched. I didn't feel like writing much at the end of the year, but I typed some random lists--no criteria, no quantification, just whatever came to mind (and trying to avoid overlaps). »»

Sanctuary - Episode 3-10 Review

"Hollow Men" throws Magnus--and the viewers--into the proverbial deep end of the pool, with a ton of new elements included without any explanation. It's kind of disappointing that we couldn't learn more about Hollow Earth, but the sheer amount of untapped potential is enough to keep me sated. »»

Sanctuary - Episode 3-7 Review

Sanctuary is shooting for a big, long-term arc this season, and "Breach" adds yet another layer to the story, bringing back one of Magnus's acquaintances--from over a century ago and whom she killed. While we don't get much answers and a load of new »»

Sanctuary: The Complete Second Season - Blu-ray Review

A fun, lighthearted science fiction adventure. »»

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