IPTV Summer TV Preview: What Do We Plan To Watch on Our Summer TV Vacation? and What Will You Watch?

If you live in the United States right now, you probably go outside and immediately start sweating! Or at the very least get a big dose of sunshine that warms you up a little bit. Summer doesn't officially start until June 21, but everyone knows the »»

Saving Grace - Episode 3-8 Review

Captain Perry goes out of town for the weekend, and with no-one on hand to marshal their immature antics, the team play the most elaborate practical joke in the history of the show - not only on Butch, Bobby and Kendra, but on the viewers, too. Me »»

Saving Grace - Episode 3-7 Review

A 99-year-old man with a gambling habit is executed on the eve of his 100th birthday, and Grace goes all-out to find the bookie who kept him from cashing in on his centennial. Meanwhile, an impromptu visit to a pancake house in Purcell has devastatin »»

Saving Grace - Episode 3-6 Review

A young woman is held prisoner in her own home and raped repeatedly, and when Grace disappears on her way to the crime scene after taking the victim's statement, her colleagues fear the worst. Frantic with worry, Rhetta and Ham lead the manhunt for t »»

Saving Grace - Episode 3-5 Review

A herd of cows is massacred in the middle of a deserted road, and OCPD must determine if the slaughtered cattle are connected to the murder of a Hasidic Jew who was found in their vicinity. Meanwhile, Ham has to tread carefully while dealing with hi »»

Saving Grace - Episode 3-4 Review

Following a spate of home invasions, a couple are found beaten, bound and gagged by their housekeeper. With one of the victims dead-on-arrival and the other severely traumatised in the wake of a sexual assault, Grace wonders whether the habitual intr »»

Saving Grace - Episode 3-3 Review

When a show can have you rolling in the aisles one minute and welling with tears the next, you know you're onto a winner. Tuesday's episode of  Saving Grace amped up the tension, with Grace feeling the pressure as her family members were systematica »»

Hitting Shelves This Week...

Whew, not much happening this week in the world of DVDs, but maybe that's because so much is going on in theatres. The Dark Knight people, nuff said! But for those that don't wish to venture outside their homes other then going to their local DVD retailer; there's at least a few new titles ready for your collection. New seasons of Saving Grace, B.L. Stryker, Reno 911!, and Dallas are on their way for all your television fixes. If you're in the mood for action, comedy, or horror then pick up The Bank Job, College Road Trip, or the remake of the Japanese film Shutter. Not much else going on, but surely there's something you can find to watch. And I'll stop calling you Shirley, sorry. »»

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