Just Seen It Movies: Hitchcock Hidden Gems - The Thirty Nine Steps, The Lady Vanishes and Marnie [Video]

Leah, Sean and David reveal their favorite Hitchcock Hidden Gems. Starring Leah Adlridge, Sean Wright and David Freedman Directed by Amy Taylor. Edited by Zack Delman. Production Sound and Sound Mixing byAaron Fink and Nic Isaacs. Produced by David F »»

Skyfall - Review (2)

Bond turns 50, but he doesn’t show his age at all. »»

Skyfall - Review

Solid parts of other, better films »»

Just Seen It: SKYFALL 'Preview Review' and James Bond Retrospective [Video]

In anticipation of the new Bond thriller SKYFALL and a look back at 50 years of James Bond in the movies, Sean, Leah and David talk about SKYFALL and their favorite Bond Movies and the men who played the secret agent. Starring Leah Aldridge, Sean Wri »»

Blu-ray Review: Indiana Jones (The Complete Adventures)

If you’re not blown away by the work they did fixing up Raiders, well, you may need to get your eyes checked. »»

Blu-ray Review: Outland

Connery rules all. This film doesn't. »»

Highlander 2-Film Set: Anniversary Collection - Blu-ray Review

There can only be one...or two in this case. »»

Highlander - Blu-ray Review

And you thought Hulk Hogan was the only immortal. »»

Bad Movies Done Right – Highlander 2

Who wants to live forever when bad movies must not die? »»

Michael Davis Helming Outland Remake

The director of Shoot 'Em Up lays down his guns to helm a remake of Peter Hyams' sci-fi movie starring Sean Connery. »»

James Bond Blu-Ray, Volume Three - Blu-ray Review

Bond was made for Blu-ray. This is a film series that demands high definition images to take the suave, sexy action to the next level. The explosions need to fill your eyes and rattle your gut. The missions of 007 are meant for small sets and low definition. This is a first class intelligence operation that needs all the space offered on a Blu-ray disc. James Bond Blu-Ray, Volume Three contains Goldfinger, Moonraker and The World Is Not Enough giving us three faces of the super spy. »»

Never Say Never Again - Blu-ray Review

This is a major upgrade over the original Never Say Never Again DVD that came out a few years back. We finally get discussions about the making of the film. The film itself has aged better than anticipated. Sean Connery proves that even as an aging spy, he’s still a better agent than those impostors that sneak into the role. »»

Never Say Never Again Stealthily Slinks Onto Blu-ray

Experience Sean Connery's final performance as the most famous spy in the world and all in high definition on Blu-ray! »»

James Bond Blu-ray shakes up March

James Bond Blu-ray Volume Three strikes on March 24. The three titles inside the boxset are Goldfinger, Moonraker and The World is Not Enough. The Blu-ray collection will be available for $89.98 (MSRP), Each movie will be sold separately for $34.99 (MSRP). Bonus material information after the cut. »»

Live and Let Die - Blu-ray Review

I don't know if it was a very enviable position for Roger Moore to be in, in 1973, when he had to take the 007 reigns from Sean Connery. Connery's star had risen to become one of the biggest in the world as he portrayed Bond in the 1960s, and one attempt to replace him, with George Lazenby in 1969's On Her Majesty's Secret Service, resulted in the series' first minor box office failure. If a second attempt to keep the series going without its first 007 proved unsuccessful, its all too likely that the franchise would have simply faded into obscurity. Thing is, filmmakers seemed to be ready this time. To be able to not only replace Connery, but keep pace with a world that seemed to be turning away from the espionage antics of the Bond universe, 007 would have to evolve and give audiences something different to get them in the theaters again. »»

From Russia with Love - Blu-ray Review

Following up a smash hit can be a tough thing to do. Over and over we see sequels try desperately to match the awesomeness of their predecessors, only to be disappointed time and again by lackluster efforts. Thankfully for the fledgling Bond series of the 1960s, this was not the case at all. »»

Casino Royale (Collector's Edition) – Blu-ray Review

James Bond and I have an interesting history. Especially when it comes to owning Casino Royale. Last March I reviewed the two-disc DVD release, where I again revisited one of the best films of 2006. Later that year, in September, I became the proud owner of a Blu-ray Disc player (a PS3), and received the BD release of Casino Royale as a bonus. Now Sony Pictures has released a collector's edition on BD and DVD, to coincide with the theatrical debut of Quantum of Solace, with even more features. But is this double-dip aiming to please, or is it just overkill? »»

Planet of the Apes and James Bond contests

The martini drinker has recently been released on Blu-ray. Planet of the Apes is soon to follow. Find out how you can win either. Just another DVD Lounge contest. »»

Blu-ray Bond sale this October

James Bond goes HD with the release of six vintage titles in Blu-ray. Three of the titles star Sean Connery at his peak. Plus they're tossing in tickets to Quantum of Solace, the latest Bond thriller. »»

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