DVD Review: Creature

A B-movie creature feature with a bunch of blood, a good chunk of nudity, and a short lived drunken lesbian scene. »»

Disc News: Welcome to Fantasy Island's second season

"Da plane! Da plane!" rang out on TVs across America every Saturday night in the late '70s and early '80s. Fantasy Island was the destination of millions who wanted to see the dreams of semi-famous actors realized by Mr. Rourke (Ricardo Montalban) an »»

Creature - Review

Terror has teeth? »»

DVD Review: The Women In Cages Collection

Roger Corman’s Cult Classics Triple Feature: The Women In Cages Collection is this summer’s must buy title. This is perfect for a hot, sweaty night by the TV. »»

It's Exploitation Genre June with Pam Grier and Jim Brown

Football star, exploitation actress, have films released »»

The Lucy Show: The Official Third Season - DVD Review

The end of Lucy and Viv as a comedy duo wasn’t nearly a jolt like the break up of Abbott and Costello. The fact that Viv popped up as a guest star in later episodes didn’t make it feel so traumatic. »»

Galaxy of Terror: Roger Corman's Cult Classics - DVD Review

Galaxy of Terror is filled with as many stars as scares. It’s not quite Alien, but it’s worm attack will make you squirm. »»

Bad Movies Done Right - Wolf Moon

Country-fried werewolf flick crushed by over-indulgence. »»

Here's Lucy: Season One - DVD Review

Here’s Lucy: Season One shows how Lucy’s kids adapt to finally playing Lucy’s kids on TV. They are rather stiff in the early episodes. By the end of the season, they are finally getting loose enough to look like her offspring. »»

Jake and the Fatman: Season One, Volume Two - DVD Review

I'll say this about the Fatman: he's proof that you can make it in showbiz without being a pretty face. William Conrad (Cannon) had a great gig for an actor that didn't want to pay the high cost of glamour. He's supposed to the be the District Attorney for Los Angeles, but he can't solve the case of the missing razor. Even on trial days, he's got more stubble than Don Johnson on Miami Vice. Max, the bulldog, spent more time in the makeup trailer than Conrad. It was Conrad's gruff that made Joe Penny look so slick as Jake, his main investigator. Penny's the legs while Conrad relaxes in his cushy desk chair. Jake and the Fatman: Season One, Volume Two gives us 11 more cases of Law and Odd Couple. »»

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