American Idol - Episode 9-36 Review

In order to make things more contemporary and youthful, tonight's American Idol is all about Frank Sintara. Each of the five finalists will gets a chance to play it safe with songs that the Chairman of the Board made iconic. You'd figure at this poin »»

Who Got Kicked Off American Idol April 28 - Episode 9-35 Review

They open with the judges giving all the praise to the singers along with Casey James getting body contact from Shania Twain. They intercut it with the director in the booth calling out camera switches. Ryan arrives at the back of the crowd. He annou »»

American Idol Episode 9-34 Recap

It can be argued that no one deserves to go home this week. »»

American Idol - Episode 9-34 Review

Shania Trainwreck is the expectation of the night, The Canadian country star Shania Twain will be the focus of tonight's competition. After she served as a judge during the auditions, she's getting her payback by having her skimpy songbook picked ove »»

American Idol - Episode 9-32 Review

While charity is great, the circumstances of Idol Gives Back twists things up. This is a blend of the Jerry Lewis Telethon with Sophie's Choice. They want to you to save children around the world yet one youth on that stage will have their dream of w »»

American Idol Episode 9-32 Recap

Well, this week mostly sucked. »»

American Idol Episode 9-30 Recap

It's sparkly Elvis week! »»

American Idol - Episode 9-30 Review

Why did American Idol executive producer Ken Warwick confess to Entertainment Weekly that Adam Lambert is tonight's mentor out of pity. “At the moment he's not doing quite as well...," the guy deflates last year's runner up. Can't these people unde »»

Meat Loaf Says Today's Bands Are "Predictable"

Listen to what Mr. Loaf has to say. »»

American Idol 2010 Episode 9-28 Recap

Didgeridoo and bagpipe are two words that I never thought I would say in an Idol recap. »»

American Idol - Episode 9-28 Review

Tim Urban is a genuine sensation although not quite a singing sensation. Forget all the headlines about the NCAA basketball tourney. He's the ultimate comeback kid. He wasn't supposed to make the Top 24, but got the miracle call when a certain someon »»

American Idol - Episode 9-27 Review

Thankfully last night's episodes was listed as R&B cause there was rarely any soul shown on the stage. The opening of tonight's show mixes highlights of the performances with scenes from the upcoming remake of Clash of the Titans. Outside of mone »»

American Idol 2010 Episode 9-26 Recap

I'm with Simon and I don't see the point in having the contestant sing for 2 minutes to delay the inevitable - they're either gonna get the boot or they'll be saved. Period. »»

American Idol 2010, Episode 9-24 Recap

I really feel that if you do this song and don't give it enough oomph for the judges to make the "I'm afraid you're just too darn loud" joke, you've failed. »»

American Idol - Episode 9-24 Review

Tonight is the last night a contestant is truly sent home. The remaining 10 will mainly have to walk off the stage and return to the Idol apartment complex for numerous singing and dancing rehearsals for this summer's arena tour. The key to a few of »»

American Idol - Episode 9-23 Review

Didn't they used to only have a half hour episode results show when they had to dump one kid? Does it really take this long to separate one of them from the pack? Animal Planet doesn't take this long to show a wildebeest baby get torn apart by a pack »»

American Idol - Episode 09-22 Recap

Lots of fun during the results show as I heard Lilly Scott cut a promo on the Idol voters, essentially calling them idiots. And while I do think that they were silly getting rid of her, the truth is that since it is at it's core a popularity contest »»

American Idol - Episode 9-22 Review

They might as well describe the finalists as the Dirty Dozen because they're rather ragged performers. The shock of Lilly Scott's elimination signals that this season won't be dictated by actual talent. Forget hitting the high notes. It's all about c »»

American Idol - Episode 9-21 Review

Once more Idol will hype up the concept of the Final 12, but only the Top 10 kids get to go on tour. Two of the kids celebrating tonight are still doomed to spend the summer hanging out next to the 7-Eleven reminding their friends that there was cons »»

American Idol - Episode 9-20 Recap

Part of the fun of having 8 singers in one hour is that we get no "personal time", Ryan desperately trying to manage the time and the judges doing their best to screw that up for Ryan. »»

American Idol - Episode 9-20 Review

Last night's womens night was another lackluster affair. Even the one-two punch of Crystal Bowersox and Lilly Scott didn't completely impress me. This crop of kids should be competing on your local Gimme the Mic. Will somebody turn up the heat? Last »»

American Idol - Episode 9-19 Review

Will this be the first diva-free American Idol? There doesn't seem to be a single female contestant that has an explosive and emotional vocal ability. It's a tepid bunch even amongst the few talented amongst the remaining eight. Nobody seems able to »»

American Idol, Episode 9-19 Recap

This is the last leg before the Top 12. You'd think the singers would come in with guns blazing. You'd be wrong. »»

American Idol, Episode 9-17 Recap

Three singers brought it. Three are almost there. And the other four better hope they get the votes to stay. This... is the American Idol recap. »»

American Idol - Episode 9-17 Review

There's tension for tonight's live broadcast. If Crystal Bowersox can't perform because of her illness, she's cut. Really? Silence would be a major improvement over a few of the ladies from last week. Can the busker pull it out? Ryan reminds us that »»

American Idol - Episode 9-16 Recap

OK, so Tyler and his Jim Morrison look are surprisingly gone. Guess people don't like 70s throwbacks or something? Joe Munoz was also eliminated, possibly because noone remembers what exactly he sang or how he sang it. At the end of the day it may »»

American Idol Episode 9-13 Recap

OK, so we've completed the Hollywood round and determined the Top 24. We're going back to the "Pop Hits" well to give the singers as much of a choice as possible to make the final stage. »»

American Idol - Episode 9-16 Review

Crystal Bowersox was rushed to the hospital for complications related to diabetes. The producers have decided to swap the girls for the boys on tonight's episode so she's not eliminated for medical reasons. Is there any reason we should be optimisti »»

American Idol - Episode 9-11 Review

Tonight begins the process of giving a sense of identity to the 24 semi-finalists. We'll separate front runners from seat fillers. It's the solo song which allows Simon to attack them as still not ready to be true stars like Susan Boyle. Unlike past »»

Paula Abdul Confirmed To Join Simon Cowell's X-Factor?

It appears Paula Abdul is now the frontrunner to rejoin Simon Cowell as a judge on X-Factor amidst rumors that the final judging spot would go to Lady Gaga or Beyonce. She admitted that she is "going back to my roots and doing a TV show that has som »»

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