Slayer Guitarist Suffers From Flesh Eating Disease

Guitarist for Slayer Jeff Hanneman has had to pull out of their upcoming world tour. He is currently recovering from necrotising fasciiti, which is a flesh eating disease, from a spider bite over a year ago. The band says that Hanneman was close havi »»

Heavy Mental: Top Albums of 2009

It was a hectic year, and trying to come up with a top-10 list to close things out seemed like an almost overwhelming task. Where there really 10 albums that stood out to me? Well, when I finally sat down to build and rank a list, I realized there were, and then some. ... »»


Nominees for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards were announced Wednesday night. The broadcast will take place Jan. 31, 2010, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Here is a shortened list of nominees from the major categories... »»


Megadeth and Slayer will join forces to co-headline "American Carnage", the most blistering, the most explosive and the most eagerly-anticipated mega-tour of the winter—and you do not want to miss it. ... »»

MGF Reviews Slayer - World Painted Blood

What World Painted Blood does manage to do, is far outshine the band's more recent releases (2001's God Hates Us All and the oft-overlooked 2006 release Christ Illusion), and it does so by pulling from a deep bag of tricks, strung together to craft their best offering of the new millennium. ... »»

Heavy Mental: Comfort in the Familiar

I can say that I've listened to my fair share of what most like to call death metal—some I've liked, some I could have done without. And while I believe that Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death have far outlived their shelf-lives, I still get excited about a new Obituary album. ... »»

MGF Reviews Nadja - When I See the Sun Always Shines on TV

You know those people who always seem to find a deeper meaning in everything? ("Everything is art, and nothing is in vain!") They started in high school by taking a photo class and listening to The Cure, and from there escalated into constantly working on their "art," saying they are just so busy because of the new installation piece they're working on. ... »»

Short Attention Span Theater

Salutations and good morrow. Before we begin, I'd like to get my hustle on for a moment if you don't mind. I'm trying to sell my guitar and so far I haven't had a whole lot of luck. It's a Fender Strat, made in 2000 or 2001. It's got a wine-red finish with the solid maple neck. It's in great condition and has very rarely even been played. I'm looking to sell this along with a hard-shell case (disclaimer: the case does have a crack on the outside but it's not going to affect the guitar), a Crybaby wah-wah pedal that isn't in the best visual condition but still works, and some added accessories including a strap, picks, extra strings, and some amp cables. And all of this for the outright reasonable price of $300 plus shipping and handling. Contact me at my email, or on mine MySpace page, or through AIM at MurphToTheMax. Or just leave a comment on this article with your information if you're interested, and I can facilitate some pictures so you know what you're getting. If you or anyone you know is looking for a guitar, please let me know because I can't continue to crank out this award-winning column if I can't pay my rent. Poppin' Off on the Top's Top 10 Hot Rap Tracks 1. "Lollipop" by Lil' Wayne f/Static Major Lil' Wayne takes his at-bat with T-Pain's vocorder and makes a crazy danceable, addictive track. The current trend of hip-hop and techno fusion is starting to get interesting; considering my generally low opinion of all forms of electronica, it takes a little bit of a hip-hop groove to make any of that Star Wars-sounding shit danceable. This track is hypnotic, good for the dance floor and better for the blunt circle. »»

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