Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Gemma Might Hide Truth About Tara's Murder From Jax Until Series Finale

For Sons of Anarchy fans who have been waiting for Jax to learn the truth about Gemma's involvement in Tara's murder, it appears more waiting might be necessary. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Buffy & Angel Vet To Join Series In Recurring Role

Sons of Anarchy is getting a shot of charisma. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Katey Sagal Admits That Gemma Sees Unser As A Problem That Has To Be Dealt With

In a recent interview, Katey Sagal admitted that there are troubled times ahead for Gemma and Unser. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Katey Sagal Discusses Impending Jax/Gemma Showdown, Insists Gemma Isn't A Psychopath

It's hard to believe that there are only seven episodes left before Sons of Anarchy bids adieu. »»

Sons of Anarchy Spoilers: Jimmy Smits Reveals How He Would End The Series

While everyone has their own way of tying up Sons of Anarchy, Jimmy Smits is no different. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Kurt Sutter Reveals Final Shot Of Series... Then Takes It Back

Earlier this week, Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter announced that he had finished writing the series finale episode of the show and included a screen grab of the "early draft" of the final shot. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Luke Massy Joins Cast

It appears Jax Teller will be gaining a new friend... or enemy on Sons of Anarchy. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Jericho Alum To Play Abel's Preschool Principal

Sons of Anarchy has cast a new character for its final season. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Does The Future Look Bright Or Dreary For Gemma & Nero

Fans of Gemma and Nero on Sons of Anarchy might not want to count their chickens before they are hatched. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: How Will The Final Episode Of The Series Play Out?

Even though it just started, the end is near for Sons of Anarchy. »»

Sons of Anarchy Spoilers: One Of The Premiere's Most Overlooked Deaths Could Come Back To Haunt The Club

In a recent interview with EW, Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter discussed the death of the two pastors that was overlooked by many last night (including the club) and how their murder will come back to haunt the club. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Why Did Jax Believe His Mother About Who Killed Tara? Gemma's Discussion With Tara Explained

Last night's Sons of Anarchy has set the internet abuzz with speculation about what is going to happen next. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Why Did Writers Choose Not To Air Tara's Funeral In Episode 1?

In last night's season premiere of Sons of Anarchy, producers chose not to air Tara's funeral. »»

10 Thoughts On… Sons Of Anarchy Season Premiere Review

The premiere just ended and here are my thoughts... »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: How Will Jax Deal With The Loss Of Tara? Rampant Violence Of Course!

Fans of Sons of Anarchy have been waiting for what seems like a lifetime for tonight's season premiere. »»

Sons of Anarchy Spoilers: Juice To Find Himself In Final Season

While rumours have been swirling about Juice's sexuality, apparently, something else about him will be revealed in the new and final season of Sons of Anarchy. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Lea Michelle Set To Appear, Details On Glee Star's Guest Spot

Rachel Berry has finished filming her guest spot on Sons of Anarchy. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: How Will Unser Deal With Being Partly Responsible For Tara's Murder?

While Wayne was already depressed at his failure to woo Gemma, it appears that things will be even tougher for him when he finds out about Tara's death. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Showrunner Reveals How Many SAMCRO Members Will Die In Final Season

How many SAMCRO members will still be standing by the time the finale airs? »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Maggie Siff Not Expected To Appear In Final Season, No 'Tara' Flashbacks

While Tara's death will affect almost all of SAMCRO at the beginning of the show's final season, that doesn't mean Maggie Siff will actually be there. »»

Mezco Reveals NYCC 2014 Sons Of Anarchy Exclusive Clay Morrow & Jax Teller Figures

Mezco has revealed a pair of NYCC exclusive figures from Sons of Anarchy. Jax Teller in a blue prison jump suit, and Clay Morrow in an orange prison jump suit. The figures will be available on August 22 at www.mezcotoy »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Shocking News As Glee's Lea Michelle To Join Final Season Of Biker Drama

In television, you become accustomed to hearing shocking news. But this one is definitely jarring for both Glee and Sons of Anarchy fans alike. »»

Sons of Anarchy Spoilers: Jax To Embrace His Villainous Side, Gemma To Continue Her Reign Of Terror

The first major spoilers about the final season of FX's Sons of Anarchy were revealed at another San Diego Comic-Con panel. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Creator Says Show's Ending Hasn't Been Decided Yet

With Sons of Anarchy heading into its final season, you would think that the show's final scene has been entirely mapped out but according to the show's creator, this isn't the case. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Details On Final Season Leaked, New Romance For Tig, Jax & Gemma To Get Along

Regarded by many as the best show currently on the air, Sons of Anarchy returns to FX for its final season this October. »»

Fox To Unveil Planet Of The Apes: Caesar's Warrior Collection Package At San Diego Comic-Con

Warrior package is one of several exclusives the studio plans to show in San Diego. Find out more what they're doing with Sons of Anarchy, 24: Live Another Day, and How to Train Your Dragon 2 after the cut. »»

Best TV Show March Madness Bracket Tournament 2014 – Elite 8 Round Voting Begins with The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, True Detective, Sons of Anarchy, and , Arrested Development

The fourth round voting has ended and we are down to the final 8 shows. Lots of close match ups this round, but were there any more upsets? Lets take a look back. The ABC Region had #1 The Walking Dead finally defeating Doctor Who by a comfortable »»

Best TV Show March Madness Bracket Tournament 2014 – Fourth Round Voting Begins

The third round voting has ended there were a few more upsets this round. Lets take a look at what happened. The ABC Region saw a big win from #1 The Walking Dead. Doctor Who also pulled off a comfortable victory. But #2 Dexter only won by 3 votes »»

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