Monday Morning Critic - RoboCop & The Passage Of Time: How A Classic Can Become a One Night Stand

I have to admit that when I went to see the Robocop remake I went with a twinge of excitement. »»

Blu-ray Review: The Doll Squad w/ Mission: Killfast

Two secret agent movies made with the budget of Sean Connery's shoestrings in a Bond flick. »»

Django Unchained - Review

‘Tis the Season to get down and dirty Tarantino style. »»

Spike Lee Debuts Bad 25 Documentary About Michael Jackson

Spike Lee's "Bad 25", a documentary about the anniversary of the famous Michael Jackson album, debuted this past weekend TIFF.  Lee pieced together footage from the making of the album, including interviews with Jackson's many collaborators.  The m »»

District 9's Sharlto Copley Cast As Villain In Oldboy Remake

Copley, also of A-Team fame, to make Josh Brolin's life a living hell in Spike Lee's interpretation of the cult Korean revenge thriller. »»

Spike Lee Directing Remake Of South Korea's Oldboy

Takes on a project that at one time was rumored to involve Steven Spielberg and Will Smith. »»

Monday Morning Critic - 4.25.2011 - Spike Lee, Tyler Perry, 48 Hours

Spike Lee vs. Tyler Perry gets decided ... and a look at 48 Hours on DVD »»

Monday Morning Critic 9.27.2010 - Top 10 Directors Who Should Helm the New Superman Film (But Won't), Hornswaggle Helps On a Prank and 27 Dresses

The Top 10 Directors who should direct the new Superman but won't, a DVD review of 27 Dresses and WWE superstar Hornswaggle helps me with a new prank! »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Your Childhood Sucked

From G.I. Joe to Transformers to My Little Pony, the cartoons that so many of today’s adults fondly look back on are completely terrible. »»

Robert Saucedo's Best of the Aughts

Robert Saucedo's favorite films of the last decade. »»

Kobe Doin' Work - DVD Review

You don't always get to see the entire game, but you never feel left out on what is happening all over the court. »»

Lee's Kobe Doin' Work Dribbles to DVD this November

Spike Lee's documentary, Kobe Doin' Work, which aired on ESPN, sees a DVD release this November from the Walt Disney Studios. »»

Inside Man comes to Blu-ray on May 26th

Days after Universal Home Entertainment unveiled plans for a 20th anniversary DVD/Blu-ray of Do the Right Thing, the studio announces yet another Spike Lee film to be released on the high definition format. »»

Miracle at St. Anna on DVD February 10th

A Miracle shall happen on DVD in February! »»

Miracle at St. Anna - Review

Truly a miracle or just mediocre? »»

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