The Weekly Round-Up #193 featuring The Walking Dead, Batman, Infinity, Saga, and more!

Best Comic of the Week: The Walking Dead #113 - Wow, that was an intense issue.  Negan and his Saviors have Rick and a few others at their mercy outside of the walls of their community, and another of the Saviors has found his way into Andrea's sni »»

Blu-ray Review: Lifeforce (Collector's Edition)

Lifeforce still remains a fun science fiction film after all these years since Halley's comet's last visit. »»

Movie News: You Want A Role In Star Wars VII?

Character breakdowns for upcoming Star Wars installment. »»

Blu-ray Review: The Vampire Lovers

The Hammer release that allowed the studio to get with the time with nudity and forbidden female passion without losing their atmospheric charm. »»

Disc News: The Telephone Book Rings In May

Vinegar Syndrome announces the release of the cult X-rated comedy. »»

DVD Review: Jedi Junkies

While Mike Noyes is a huge Star Wars fan, even he can admit Trekkies was the better fan documentary. »»

The Weekly Round-Up #169

The best of the week that was. »»

Monday Morning Critic - Top 10 Star Wars Stand Alone Films I Want To See Get Made - Aaron Eckhardt and Nicole Kidman Go Down The Rabbit Hole

This is kind of old new, of course, but this week's been busy. Why? Just moved into a new home I just bought this week, closed on it Thursday, and didn't want to miss a week for both people who aren't related to me that read this regularly. I »»

New Star Wars Star Tours Coming to Disney Theme Park Stores This Spring

Hasbro has released the images of the newest Star Tours figures, hitting the Disney Theme Parks (Hollywood Studios, Disneyland & Disney World) this May, during Star Wars Weekend. STAR WARS Star Tours: Search for the Rebel Spy -Signal Droid -See »»

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