The TV Show Backfire: Boardwalk Empire Hasn't Lived Up To The Hype (Martin Scorsese, Steve Buscemi, Kelly McDonald, Terence Winter)

In the fall of 2010, Boardwalk Empire debuted and was supposed to be a colossal sensation according to the critics. The hype it was receiving was justifiable because Martin Scorsese, one of the best directors ever, was named director and Terren »»

Blu-ray Review: Best Laid Plans

If you ever wondered what “Of Mice and Men” would look like as a grittier British crime drama then this is your film. »»

DVD Review: Texas Killing Fields

Hopefully audiences can find and enjoy it on DVD. It’s a terrific police procedural. »»

Texas Killing Fields - Review

Not quite The Killing Fields »»

Public Enemies - DVD Review

With not a lot of extras, the single disc edition doesn’t have much to it. If you’re looking for the film and no more, this is definitely the one to pick up. »»

Public Enemies - Review

The masterpiece this summer was waiting for. »»

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