Review: Supergirl #28 by Tony Bedard and Yildiray Cinar

Kara succumbs to her rage in this lead into Red Daughter of Krypton. »»

Toy Fair 2014 Coverage: Bandai Sprukits (Halo, Superman, Batman)

Check out the gallery of the brand new Halo Sprukits! These are Gundam styled figures, and they have DC Comics figures, including Dark Knight Rises Batman & Classic Joker, as well as Halo's Master Chief. »»

DC Collectibles Gives Toy Fair 2014 Preview

DC Collectibles sent out a huge Toy Fair preview. -Batman (Batman: The Animated Series) -Catwoman (Batman: The Animated Series) -Thrasher Armor Batman (DC Designer Greg Capullo) -Catwoman (DC Designer Greg Capullo) -Mr. Freeze (DC Designer Gre »»

Demythify: The Top 10 DC Comics New 52 Time Anomalies For The New 52: Futures End 2014 Weekly Series

The first few years of the DC New 52 have been building to this? »»

Review: Earth 2 #18 by Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott

Evil Superman continues his one man warpath against the Earth. »»

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