Dear Survivor Producers...

I have an idea: How about from now on, you only cast people on the show who actually want to play the game? I'm a big Dalton Ross fan, and I've been reading all his stuff over on today. I just read this interview with Matt that made me so a »»

Survivor: Redemption Island: Thoughts on Ponderosa YouTube Videos

One thing was abundantly clear as I watched the "Life in Ponderosa" Survivor videos on YouTube over the past couple weeks - had Mike made it into the final three, he would have handily won the game. Matt and Grant would have had a pretty good chance, »»

Television Ratings for Wednesday 5/11/11

Fox won with American Idol (7.1) and Breaking In (2.3). Breaking In was canceled last week; the 2.3 vs 7.1 tells the tale of that.CBS was second with Survivor (3.1), Criminal Minds (3.3), and Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (2.1). That 2.1 is defini »»

Survivor's Best: Where does Redemption Island fit into the rankings?

There are a few things to consider about Survivor: Redemption Island before deciding where it should fall among past seasons. The negatives? It was predictable, Rob's competition from his own tribe or the opposition wasn't particularly strong, and the Redemption Island twist went on far too long. On the positive side, there were some interesting personalities - Rob's charming, smug strategy, Phillip's complete lunacy, Matt's irritating, incessant talk about god - and we witnessed one of the best games of Survivor anyone has ever played. Furthermore, it was rewarding - the right player won, and that bumps the season up a few notches in my book. »»

Survivor: Redemption Island Reunion Episode Review

If you missed it, be sure to check out my review of the Survivor: Redemption Island finale. Rob Mariano won a million bucks, which is how it should be. But what happened after it was all said and done? Well, let's talk about the reunion show. »»

Survivor: Redemption Island Finale Episode Review: Bitter Who?

Survivor: Redemption Island may not have been my favorite season of Survivor (check back later to see where I rank it among the past seasons) but the end result was a sweet one. Proving that juries don't have to be bitter and that the right player can win, "Boston" Rob Mariano finally took home a $1 million payday. »»

Survivor: Redemption Island Episode 13 Review: He's Mr. Blindside

It's a rare thing, this alliance that Boston Rob has created on Survivor. I've never seen people not only blindly follow a leader to such an extent on this show, but also truly believe that they're going to be the one sitting next to Rob in the end. »»

Survivor Episode 12 Review: Too Many Castaways on the Island

It's official - I hate the Redemption Island twist on Survivor. It was fun pre-merge, but now I'm totally over it. There are only two episodes of Survivor remaining, and there are nine people left in the game. Nine! We only started with eighteen, »»

Survivor: Dominoes

Boston Rob might have moaned "Why does there have to be a twist?" when Jeff Probst told Murlonio to bring a super-secret package with them to Tribal Council, but it ended up working completely in his favor. On this week's episode of Survivor we saw t »»

Television Ratings for Wednesday 4/27/11: American Idol, Survivor

FOX won with American Idol (7.1) and Breaking In (2.4). Breaking In has an okay chance for renewal at this rate.CBS was second with Survivor (3.2) and repeats of Criminal Minds (2.0) and Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (1.7).NBC was third with Insid »»

Survivor: Redemption Island - Episode 10 Review

Dear Phillip,

I'm writing you today to let you know something very, very important. Something you need to learn about yourself. 

You're crazy. That's right, you are a 100% wackadoodle, insane, bring in the men with the white coats and the giant butterfly nets, grade A lunatic. »»

Survivor: Redemption Island - Episode 9 Review

Well, I can see why Survivor producers decided to throw us a double elimination this week. Boston Rob is maintaining tight control of his group and has continued to pick off former Zapatera members like pieces of lint off one of Amber's stuffed anima »»

Survivor: Redemption Island - Episode 8 Review

Wow! What an episode. This week on Survivor we saw Matt win the final Redemption Island duel, rejoin the game on a newly merged tribe, and then get sent straight back to where he came from. All because that's what Rob wanted. Poor Matt, though. No »»

Survivor: Redemption Island Thoughts From Survivor's BobDawg - Make Sure Your Enemy Is Smarter Than You First

STEPHANIE: "Hey Matt! Blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah blah blahBlah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah blah blahBlah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah [breathes] B »»

Survivor: Redemption Island - Episode 7 Review

Honestly, how can you not love an episode of Survivor where Boston Rob throws a clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol into a volcano? That's TV gold! Last night's episode hit multiple high notes - crazy outbursts from Phillip, great Boston Rob moments an »»

Inside Pulse Best TV Character Tournament - Sweet 16 Round Voting Begins

The third round voting has ended and two more overall top seeds went down this round. That means of the final 16 characters left, only 8 of them were among the top 16 overall seeds. Three of the #1 seeds are still alive, two of the #3 and #4 seeds ar »»

Survivor: Redemption Island - Episode 6 Review

Another good episode, right? Survivor has always been a show that heats up as it moves long - in fact, you'll find that with most competition style reality shows - and as we're approaching the merge I'm starting to really get into Survivor: Redemption Island. »»

10 Thoughts On... Survivor Redemption Island Episode 6 Review

1. The speech from Phillip where he referred to Rob as the mentalist and Grant as the assassin was honestly the funniest thing I have ever seen on Survivor. I am still laughing. Classic. It made the entire episode. The look on Rob and Grant’s »»

Inside Pulse Best TV Character Tournament 2011 - Third Round Voting Begins

The second round voting has ended and there were plenty of upsets from this round. Five of the top 16 seeds went down in the second round. Not only did the overall #12, #11, #8, #6 seeds all lose, but so did one of the #1 seeds and overall #4 seed, S »»

Survivor: Redemption Island - Episode 5 Review

Russell is officially out of the game, and he's left behind two sulky, moody, brokenhearted little girls. Yes, this week on Survivor we saw Stephanie and Krista sit around moping like a couple of moody teenagers who were forced to go on a family camping trip rather than an awesome party. They made little attempt to reconcile themselves with the rest of their tribe, and they certainly didn't own up to any mistakes they might have made that led to their unfortunate positions. »»

Inside Pulse Best TV Character Tournament 2011 - Voting Begins For The Second Round Matchups

The first round voting has ended and there was really only 1 MAJOR upsets as one of the top 16 seeds goes down in the first round. The #15 overall seed and the #4 seed in the the CBS Region, Walter White from Breaking Bad went down to the animated Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. I was definitely surprised by that, because Breaking Bad is one of the best shows on television. But it's on cable and Family Guy is on FOX, so perhaps there is not as many people who watch Breaking Bad. »»

The Celebrity Apprentice 2011 Spoilers: Richard Hatch Ordered Back To Jail For 9 Months

Today, Survivor winner and current Celebrity Apprentice candidate, Richard Hatch was sentenced to an additional nine month sentence for failing to pay taxes on the $1 million he won on the first season of Survivor. Hatch has already served 3 years i »»

Survivor: Redemption Island - Episode 4 Review

Crying? There's no crying in Survivor! »»

Survivor News: Survivor Renewed For 23rd & 24th Season, Jeff Probst Signs On For 2 More Seasons

It's official. Announced on the CBS message board today. The news is a bit of a shock as many expected Jeff to replace Regis on Regis & Kelly. Unknown if this news will affect that. CBS has ordered two more editions of SURVIVOR to be broadcas »»

Survivor: Redemption Island - Episode 3 Review

Sorry about that, folks. I just had to let out a sinister cackle of glory over the fact that Russell Hantz was voted out of Survivor: Redemption Island in the third episode.Now I know a lot of people are probably very disappointed by this, and will be keeping their fingers crossed that Russell wins all the duels and reenters the game. And to that I say pshaw. Russell deserved to be voted out. He played poorly and had it coming. »»

Survivor: Redemption Island - Episode 2 Review

What an episode! I always love the second episode of Survivor for a couple of reasons. First of all, the office pool is now in full swing. I got picked out of the hat late this year (twelfth of only sixteen names in the hat!) but I'm pretty happy with who I ended up with - Ashley. (On a side note, my mom - the ultimate Survivor fan - was picked out of the hat first, chose Andrea, and then spent the entire episode in fear that they'd vote her out for being in a showmance.) Second of all, by now we all know the players a little, and more importantly they know each other, so the strategy really begins. »»

Survivor: Redemption Island - Episode 1 Review

Wowzers. Now that was a Tribal Council, am I right? Last night's premiere episode of Survivor: Redemption Island was more entertaining than all of Survivor: Nicaragua combined. You thought the return of Russell and Boston Rob would be exciting? That was nothing compared to the boatloads of crazy the other contestants brought. Namely, Kristina, Francesca and Phillip. »»

Inside Pulse Survivor Interview: Creator/Executive Producer Mark Burnett Talks Redemption Island

Thursday I had the pleasure of joining a conference call with other entertainment reporters and Survivor executive producer Mark Burnett. He had a lot to say about the upcoming season, which premieres this Wednesday. »»

Survivor Redemption Island Spoilers: Mark Burnett Dismisses Russell Hantz’s Spoiling, Comments On Celebrity Version

In a conference call yesterday, Mark Burnett dismissed all allegations of knowing about the Russell Hantz spoiling soap opera where Jim Early alleged that Hantz told him the results of Survivor Samoa and Heroes vs. Villains in advance. "I have no »»

Survivor Redemption Island News: Spoiler Fingers Russell Hantz As His Source

In a story that is sure to set the Survivor world on fire, a well-known Survivor spoiler has named Russell Hantz (a participant on the next season of the show) as his source. »»

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