Black Swan - DVD Review

Portman’s portrayal of Nina is almost indescribable. While watching, you knew that the Oscar race for best actress was over even before the film was. »»

Buried - Review

Ryan Reynolds proves his worth in the year’s best thriller. »»

Second Season of Twilight Zone Announced for Blu-Ray

High-definition release to come in November. »»

Law Abiding Citizen - Blu-ray Review

If I'm ever going to jail for any reason then you can watch this film and know that I want to be exactly like Gerard Butler so don't screw with me. »»

Saw V - Review

If it's Halloween, it must be Saw. And for the fifth installment of a franchise, it really continues down the right track to keep demented fans like me entertained. »»

Deception - DVD Review

Predictability is not the only thing that plagues Deception, but it plays a big part in keeping the film very uninteresting. No, what bothers me the most are the huge plot holes; including one in particular that is what the whole film is centered around. »»

Quantum of Solace trailer

The full, theatrical trailer for this fall's highly anticipated Quantum of Solace has been released. Check it out. »»

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In a remote and snowy mountain range, a bus loses control and crashes down the hillside. The survivors, four kids and a nun, collect their belongings and head into the woods to try and survive. Their expedition leads them to an isolated mansion, where a dysfunctional collection of family and work associates have gathered for an awkward mixture of business and relaxation. At the head of this group is a gruff man whom everyone calls Papa Doc, and these hanger-on's are at the mercy of his short-temper and entrepreneurial wealth. »»

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