Images of Mattel WWE Basic Double Pack Series 8

Here are the images for WWE Double Packs Series 8. They are due in stores in December. -John Cena & Randy Orton -Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase -Matt Hardy & The Great Khali [gallery=1257] »»

Images of WWE Basic Series 6 by Mattel

Here are the images of Mattel WWE Basic Series 6: -Big Show -The Miz -Edge -Ted Dibiase -Kelly Kelly -Drew McIntyre They will be in stores in October. [gallery=1196] »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Mafia Wars and Marines

Bad Movie of the Week — The Marine 2 »»

WWE" Macho Madness: The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection - DVD Review

Randy Savage may have gone by different names such as "Macho Man" or "Macho King" and also changed from good guy to bad guy and back again, but one thing about him stayed constant throughout his entire career…the madness. »»

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