Wednesday Comments – The Trouble With Batman's Ex-Robin Tim Drake

For my money Tim Drake was one of the biggest casualties of The New 52 and I’m hardly the biggest Tim Drake fan. »»

Review: Teen Titans #2 By Will Pfeifer & Kenneth Rocafort

Is a second relaunch of Teen Titans a good idea? Glad you asked! »»

First Look At DC Collectibles Teen Titans Red Robin Figure!

DC Collectible's posted this figure to their Facebook page today! Look for this to be part of the next wave of solicitations. »»

Demythify: The Top 10 DC Comics New 52 Time Anomalies For The New 52: Futures End 2014 Weekly Series

The first few years of the DC New 52 have been building to this? »»

Forever Evil Review: Forever Evil #2 by Geoff Johns and David Finch

The World's Greatest Hero....Lex Luthor. »»

Demythify: Piecing Together The Top 10 Puzzle Pieces Of The Post Trinity War & Forever Evil DC Comics New 52 (SPOILERS) UPDATED!

Looks like the DC New 52 of 2014 is coming into focus... UPDATED with the latest DC news! »»

Top 10 Questions From DC Comics New 52 47 October 2013 Solicitations With Forever Evil & Whole Lot More

Some big questions about the DC universe and... even its branding? »»

Wednesday Comments – Saying Good-Bye To (Some) Comics

I read a lot of comics. Actually that’s not 100% accurate; I buy a lot of comic books. »»

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