The Cape - Episode 1-9 Review

For the time being, "Razer" is the last episode of The Cape. NBC reduced the order from 13 to 10 episodes, and the The Event is coming back next week to finish off the final 12 episodes of the season. The Cape still has one episode left, but the date has not been set, if we'll even see it air. »»

The Cape - Episode 1-8 Review

When you watch a live-action show, you expect a degree of realism. For one, humans should be similar to humans in real life. With this assumption, however, The Cape falls apart completely--or there's something in Palm City's water that makes people dumb as rocks »»

The Cape - Episode 1-7 Review

I have this idea that The Cape is trying to assemble the most insane group of villains in the history of television, topping all sci-fi aliens or fantasy creatures. The outside world of The Cape seems fairly normal, with industrialized cities and the like, but there's so much wackiness on the inside that you have to treat the show as a comedy. »»

The Cape - Episode 1-6 Review

"Goggles And Hicks" is supposed to be mildly funny, with the bumbling duo of Goggles and Hicks trying to kill Vince. Unfortunately, their utter stupidity doesn't translate into humor, but a string of groans. The problem with the episode and The Cape in general is that the enemies are boring. »»

The Cape News: NBC Reduces Cape's Episode Order To 10

The Cape has had its order reduced from 13 to 10, and since it is almost done with the tenth episode, production is stopping soon. »»

The Cape - Episode 1-5 Review

The Cape hangs on the edges of moral issues, always sure with the suggestions but never fully embracing the morality of superheroes. "Dice" puts Vince into what would seem to be a tough situation--except it's shown in a way that Vince only has one decision. Does Peter Flemming really need to be alive for Vince to clear his name? »»

The Cape - Episode 1-4 Review

"Scales" has a very cool mixture of factions and allies, which isn't the least bit realistic, but is entertaining nonetheless. On one side, there's Vince and Orwell who both want to take down Peter Flemming. On another, there's Scales, who is informed by The Cape of Chess's real identity, Peter Flemming. Then there's Max's circus crew which is robbing the train and possibly disrupting Vince's operation, and lastly, Peter Flemming himself and his police officers. »»

The Cape - Episode 1-3 Review

To recap my review of the series premiere last week, The Cape isn't a deep show or particularly emotionally resonant. It does, however, embrace the superhero to the fullest, with big fights, costumes, and a slew of characters ripe to explore. »»

The Cape - Episodes 1-1 & 1-2 Review

The Cape should not be taken seriously, and certainly not as seriously as the show takes itself. But that's fine. Even with the pacing, lack of depth, or any number of problems, it's still damn entertaining. Who doesn't want to see a costumed hero run around and beat up various goons in a city which is being taken over by an evil guy? »»

The Cape Gets Online Comic

The Cape gets an online monthly comic series. »»

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