Blu-ray Review: The Conjuring

Surprise summer hit becomes the treat in time for Halloween. »»

DVD Review: The Exorcist in the 21st Century

You really need to watch this before the release of Last Exorcism 3: We're Think We Almost Have All the Demons. »»

Warner Bros. Prepping Wizard Of Oz In 3D, Extended Cut Of The Hobbit, And More

Warner Bros. is going all out for its 90th anniversary in 2013. »»

DVD Review: The Nickel Ride & 99 & 44/100% Dead!

Two award-winning directors explore the mobster world after the success of The Godfather and The French Connection. »»

Deal Alert: Black Friday Deals Week For Tuesday, November 22

Day Two of Amazon's week long Blu-ray and DVD sale highlights TV show Weeds, Jar and Leatherheads, and plenty of Office Space. »»

DVD Review: Roger Corman's Cult Classics - Vampires, Mummies and Monsters

Roger Corman’s Cult Classics All-Night Marathon: Vampires, Mummies and Monsters programs four horror films for your Spooky Season needs. »»

The Rite - Review

A possession film that doesn’t quite exorcise the demons. »»

National Film Registry Adds Airplane, 24 Others for 2010

Registry honors the work of Leslie Nielsen and Blake Edwards and some of the seminal films of the 1970s. »»

Film Club: Halloween Edition - Round 3 And Finals

The Third Rule of Film Club ... If someone says "stop" or goes limp, taps out the fight is over. »»

Film Club: Halloween Edition - Round 2

The second rule of Film Club is ... you DO NOT talk about Film Club. »»

Film Club: Halloween Edition - Round 1

The first rule of Film Club is ... you do not talk about Film Club. »»

Voting Open for 2010 Reaper Awards

True Blood, District 9 and The Crazies are nominated in multiple categories. »»

Scary Movies (and Super Creeps) — The Last Exorcism

Despite a weak ending, The Last Exorcism remains a solid horror film that successfully utilizes humor to break the tension. »»

Disc News: The Exorcist To Possess Blu-Ray Players This Fall

Father, could you help an old altar boy? I'm Cat'lick. »»

Bad Movies Done Right - Legion

Paul Betteny talks to angels — and they told him to star in mostly lackluster Legion »»

Bad Movies Done Right — How to Survive a Horror Movie

There's no pride in being a victim of a zombie attack. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — The Exorcist: The Beginning

The power of Christ compels you not to watch this movie. »»

Confessions of a Spec Tater — Shine On

This week: Crochet mallets made scary »»

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