The SmarK Rant for WCW Monday Nitro–07.08.96

The SmarK Rant for WCW Monday Nitro – 07.08.96 I’m skipping the BATB redo because RAW is already getting added a rate where I’m falling behind anyway. I’m strongly considering just motoring through one show or the other to finish off 1996 rat »»

The SmarK Rant for WCW Monday Nitro–07.01.96

The SmarK Rant for WCW Monday Nitro – 07.01.96 Call it schadenfreude, but BYE BYE FLAMES. I’m man enough to admit it. So apparently the reason that Nitro isn’t being further updated is because no one is actually watching the archived content. S »»

The SmarK Rant for WCW Monday Nitro–06.24.96

The SmarK Rant for WCW Monday Nitro – 06.24.96 This show was the first sign of really bad news for the WWF, because Nitro destroyed RAW in the ratings even coming off the King of the Ring PPV. Live from Charlotte, NC Your hosts are Tony & Larry »»

The SmarK Rant for WCW Great American Bash 1996–06.16.96

The SmarK Rant for WCW Great American Bash 96 – 06.16.96 Upgraded from my Roku Streaming Stick to the brand new version of the Roku 3 today, and everything is blazingly fast now. Except for the WWE Network, which immediately crashed the Roku when I »»

Demythify Top 5: CW's Arrow & Cartoon Network DC Nation Impact On DC Comics New 52 w/ Young Justice Invasion, GLTAS & Beware The Batman (Updated)

It all makes sense now! (UPDATED with new solicitation images released by DC Comics today!) »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Chesty Anderson, USN

Besides a state of arousal from seeing chicks fighting with each other dressed only in bras, the one thing I took from the film was that I really want a nickname. »»

Who's Who In The DCU 7.21.04

Before we start B, why don't you tell everyone what your plans are for the week? (Well, M, as readers of myself and Tim Stevens know, the two of us are heading out to San Diego today to attend the International Comic Con. We're taking different flig »»

Who's Who In The DCU: 8.29.03

Welcome back to the Who's Who in the DCU. Guess what? Mike Z has an astounding knowledge of music. He has once again correctly given me where the lyric that closed last week's column. Mark my words Mike I will stump you. I have hundreds of cds, »»

Who's Who In The DCU 7.11.03

Howdy. It is sweltering. So let's begin. JohnBritton asks I vaguely remember that Wildcat has nine lives. When has he been killed, how did he get the power, and how does it work? In the JSA, Goyer and Johns have hinted that yes Wildcat d »»

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