DVD Review: Secret Agent AKA Danger Man (The Complete Series)

Before he was a prisoner, Patrick McGoohan was a Secret Agent/Danger Man. »»

Secret Agent: The Complete Series blows cover on bonus features

Patrick McGoohan is best known as the star of the legendary cult series The Prisoner. The series was about a secret agent that unexpectedly quits without any real reason. There is a real backstory to the series since McGoohan unexpectedly quit his se »»

Daily Disc Deal: The Prisoner Is Amazon's Blu-ray DOTW

The cult television show at its lowest price at Amazon.com. »»

Rumpole of the Bailey: The Complete Series - Megaset - DVD Review

The hour long episodes easily juggle Rumple’s case investigation, office situation and domestic life. It’s a well rounded view of a well rounded man. »»

Secret Agent AKA Danger Man: The Complete Collection - DVD Review

Secret Agent AKA Danger Man: The Complete Collection combines all the action of one of the best spy shows. »»

The Prisoner - DVD Review

The Prisoner isn’t a direct remake of the original 17-episode series as it alters the elements to create a long movie instead of a batch of episodes. »»

The Prisoner: The Complete Series - Blu-ray Review

The Prisoner set a precedence as to what could be accomplished on TV. The complexity of the plots and the extremes of the tone set it apart from even Mission: Impossible. »»

The Prisoner busts out in Blu-ray

There are few TV shows that define cult on the level of The Prisoner. When a spy unexpectedly resigns, he's kidnapped and taken to a remote village. They want to know why he quit. Each episode demonstrates a new way to break a man's will. Patrick McGoohan had just finished playing a spy on Danger Man so this new series was almost an extension of that character. Now you can get a better view of this mystery with new High-Def transfers with upcoming Blu-ray releases. Here's the press release from A&E Home Entertainment: »»

The Spy Collection - DVD Review

The Spy Collection is like having your own UHF channel with more the enough English programming to keep you intrigued. We get doses of Robert Vaughn after U.N.C.L.E. and Roger Moore before Bond. Transport yourself into a time when British spies fought on shag carpet. »»

Dr. Syn: The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh - DVD Review

Walt Disney was known for producing sweet family-friendly entertainment. Even though his films had scary moments, there was always that soothing song to calm down the frightened kiddies. That all changed when The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh debuted o »»

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