Wednesday Comments - Five Ideas For Movies Based On DC Comics Characters

Warner Bros. has nine DC Comics movies in development... »»

Review: Justice League of America #6 by Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire, and Doug Mahnke

Trinity War rages on with the fight for Superman! »»

Demythify: A Fourth Justice League DC Comics Title & Five Trinities For 2013's New 52 Trinity War? (Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire, R. B. Silva & More)

Fourth Justice League title leaked? Plus we sift through the Trinity War including a bit of a Justice League #16 spoiler. »»

J.H. Williams III Batwoman Ongoing Delayed Until April

A J.H. Williams book got delayed? SHOCKER! »»

Weekly Round-Up #57 Featuring The Walking Dead, I, Zombie, Sweets, Sweet Tooth, Who Is Jake Ellis, And More!

Welcome to 2011! This was a pretty small week, but it had some very good comics. »»

Wednesday Comments - Lamenting the Demise of the DC's Co-Features

This week Mathan vents his thoughts on DC's handling of their co-features. »»

Dennis O'Neil talks about his "non-commercial" The Question run

O'Neil's Question run was fun stuff, some of which is available in tpb form. »»

Spoiler Warnings: The Location Of The Blue Entity Revealed In Green Lantern #56 By Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke

Adara, the Blue Entity of Hope revealed itself in Nanda Parabat where Saint Walker and The Question were, committing the body of Charles Victor Szasz back to its final resting place. »»

I'm Just Sayin'...#18

I'll say it before, and I'll say it again: Marvel and Spider-Man in particular work best when characters MOVE FORWARD. That was what separated their comics from DC at the time, and that's when any Marvel comic works best. If you want to grab the interest of the "youth market"? Take a friggin' chance and create a new one »»

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