Weekly Round-Up #57 Featuring The Walking Dead, I, Zombie, Sweets, Sweet Tooth, Who Is Jake Ellis, And More!

Welcome to 2011! This was a pretty small week, but it had some very good comics. »»

Swedish Directors Tapped To Helm Underworld 4

Kate Beckinsale will return to the vampire vs. werewolf movie series. »»

Fox Sets Premiere Date for Shawn Ryan's The Chicago Code

Ryan's new cop show to occupy the time slot that belonged to the short-lived drama Lone Star. »»

Weekly Round-Up #46 with Fables, DMZ, Morning Glories, Skull Kickers & more

Plus the Walking Dead, Batman & Robin, Chaos War, R.E.B.E.L.S., Hulk & more. »»

Shawn Ryan Writing Script for Tom Clancy's Without Remorse

Paramount prepping John Clark adventure to go along with Jack Ryan reboot. »»

Bad Movies Done Right - The Stranger

For The Stranger I'd recommend taking a shot every time a character does something stupid but I’d feel responsible when you got alcohol poisoning before the film’s halfway mark. »»

FOX Orders Pilot From The Shield Creator

FOX has ordered a pilot for a cop show called Ridealong, from the creator of the The Shield, Shawn Ryan. The show is set in Chicago and follows beat cops, detectives and a newly hired female chief, with a heavy emphasis on their work in the field. »»

The Shield: Season Seven - The Final Act - DVD Review

Destroying our expectations and challenging our conceptions of who these characters even are at their core, The Shield ends on a final episode pondering the notions of evil, duty, selfishness, and sacrifice, with performances that defy convention all way until the final credits roll. »»

Final Season of The Shield arriving to DVD this June

Spread out over four discs, the seventh and final season of the critically acclaimed and Emmy-nominated Shield will be available on June 9th. »»

Shield Star Developing New FX Show!

The Shield star Michael Chiklis is staying in the FX fold, moving behind the camera to develop a series about a Ponzi scheme. The project, called House of Cards, will focus on a group of people running a complicated scam similar to the one that inve »»

The Shield - Episode 7-13 Review

No onion rings. No botched attempt at parking cars. No Journey soundtrack. No cut to black. Shawn Ryan delivered on his promise that Vic Mackey would get a proper ending. And it's exactly what he deserves. A veritable purgatory, if you will. Call it »»

The Shield - Top Twenty Scenes

In 2002, FX, a then up-and-coming network, were looking to corner the market for basic cable scripted dramas. Taking a risk, they unleashed what is now considered to be a landmark series, and one of the most innovative and original police dramas ever »»

The Shield - Episode 7-12 Review

Hot tamales! That confession scene was INSANE! He's been investigated several times over for some of the most horrific crimes ever, and yet the only person to finally prove to a listening ear just how evil and corrupt Vic Mackey truly is, was himsel »»

AMC Locks Up Shield Star!

The Shield star Walton Goggins will go from cop to recently released prison inmate in a pilot being developed at AMC. Goggins is set to star in Rectify, a drama about a man who's released from prison after DNA evidence proves he was wrongfully put a »»

The Shield - Episode 7-11 Review

For the third episode in a row, they've ended with shots of Shane and Mara pondering their next step. This has got to mean something. You have to wonder just how long Vic Mackey's luck is going to hold out. Everything is crumbling around him; everyo »»

The Shield - Episode 7-10 Review

Shane and Mara, still on the lam from the law, are holed up in a mansion playing house while Vic and Ronnie are desperately looking for them, along with half the precinct. Vic puts a bounty on Shane's head with the gangs, while Ronnie, realizing just »»

The Shield - Episode 7-9 Review

They wrung so much humanity out the characters tonight, on top of keeping the tension at a serious high. With Shane on the run from the law, fingernails were chewed to the quick wondering when - and if - he was going to get caught. It's a testament »»

The Shield - Episode 7-8 Review

There's no turning back now. Two cops who've bent, broke, and obliterated the law to obtain their own needs with the aid of their badges are no longer cops. With only five episodes left, every little misdeed Vic Mackey and Shane Vendrell have done i »»

The Shield - Episode 7-7 Review

Before I start this missive, it should be noted that the creative minds behind The Shield are obsessed with oral sex (or at least euphamisms for it). Not that I blame them, but that's a different matter altogether. Anyway, I counted at LEAST six refe »»

The Shield - Episode 7-6 Review

I suppose last week's episode, Game Face, was the proverbial calm before the storm. Tonight's episode, Animal Control, was a full-on, Gale Force, tearing up the trailer parks of Oklahoma kind of episode! Easily the best of the season so far. Where t »»

The Shield - Episode 7-5 Review

I'm all for filler episodes; they act as good bridges between tension, but it's a little late in the series to spend alot of time on faces from the past; scratch that, it's a little late in the series to spend alot of time on faces from the past that »»

The Shield - Episode 7-4 Review

Can of worms = Open. So much happened tonight. Let's start small and work our way toward the big revelation that closed the episode. It seems Julien, for all of his hard work in trying to fit in, is doing Vic, Shane, and Ronnie, no good on their li »»

The Shield - Episode 7-3 Review

They derived alot - and I do mean alot - of dramatic tension out of just about every single character tonight. Let's start with Danny, who used her blindsided attack back in the first episode of this season to reason with a girl who was kidnapped an »»

The Shield - Episode 7-2 Review

This week's episode was fairly quiet; well, quiet in terms of The Shield. We were treated to a smattering of suggestive imagery and various racial epithets, but for the most part, it was alot of running around and barking orders in terms of Vic tryin »»

The Shield - Episode 7-1 Review

The Shield' kicked off its final season with every cylinder on fire. Vic and Ronnie gagged Mara (finally, someone shut her up), cornered Shane, and proceeded to kick the stuffing out of him for his kidnapping of Vic's family. Then Shane tells Vic th »»

Hitting Shelves This Week..

Well let's get down to this never ending month of TV DVD sets then shall we? There are more for your viewing pleasure available this week so let's start with those including Heroes, The Untouchables, Everybody Hates Chris, and One Tree Hill. There is more though out there as the origin of the The Little Mermaid is explored in Disney's new release Ariel's Beginning. One of my favorite films of all time is getting the deluxe treatment as a two-disc set of The Nightmare Before Christmas from Tim Burton is on its way. And if you're in the mood for a long weekend then check out film sets from Alice Faye, Errol Flynn, or the extraordinary Takashi Miike. Finally this pits of hell month of August is over and we can hopefully run into some cooler weather next month when we're out picking up our new releases. »»

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