Earth and Space - Blu-ray Review

So much great science I could cry. »»

The Universe: Our Solar System - Blu-ray Review

A blatant repackaging to bilk more money out of viewers. »»

The Universe: The Complete Season Four - DVD Review

In case you were ever wondering how to destroy the Earth, you can learn all you need to from the History Channel. »»

The Universe: The Complete Season Four - Blu-ray Review

At some point along the way The Universe became more or less a Letterman Top Ten List of the ways that we may die. »»

The Universe: The Complete Season Three - Blu-ray Review

I’ve loved this show since it began, and Season Three lives up to the high standards I’ve come to expect from it. This show is a backyard astronomer’s dream, and one that I get great enjoyment from. And while I don’t need to watch it on Blu-ray to enjoy the series, the sharpness and clarity the technology brings to the show is a very nice bonus. »»

The Universe: Seasons 1-3 - Blu-ray Review

Sometimes you just have to put your common sense in the backseat of the car and go out and grab the Blu-ray version of something you already have. How else will you be able to enjoy the beauty of The Universe without the help of your very own Hubble Telescope? have one? Can I come over? »»

The Universe: The Complete Season Two - Blu-ray Review

What are White Holes? What is Astrobiology? What are the biggest things in space? These are just some of the fascinating topics covered in all 18 episodes of season two of The History Channel’s gorgeous show, The Universe. »»

The Universe: The Complete Season Three - DVD Review

The History Channel has done it again as The Universe takes viewers deep into the farthest regions of space where the members of the Starship Enterprise could only dream of going. »»

A&E Gets Blu with Paul McCartney and The Universe

Explore the spaces between people and planets--in Blu-ray! »»

The Universe: Season Two - DVD Review

A wonderful testament to the awe and beauty of the cosmos. »»

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