Funko Reveals New POP Vinyl Figures Based On The X-Files

Funko continues it's POP! Vinyl Televison line with The X-Files! »»

Fox Strikes Deal With Amazon Prime To Stream Movies And TV Shows

Fox instant streaming to begin later this fall. »»

The X-Files Episodes 4-17 & 4-18 Review: Tempus Fugit / Max

Since these two episodes are basically a single story, I'll reviewing them as a single episode.Nestled in the cancer arc are "Tempus Fugit" and "Max," two mythology episodes which work well, even at this time in The X-Files's lifespan, when the myste »»

The X-Files Episodes 4-15 Review: Kaddish / Unrequited

"Kaddish""Kaddish" is one of The X-Files's better attempts at an ethnic episode. Sure there are the staples--the requisite Holocaust speech from the Jew, the irrational Nazis, and yet another ethnic myth turning out to be true--but the episode doesn' »»

The X-Files Episodes 4-13 & 4-14 Review: Never Again / Memento Mori

"Never Again"The course of The X-Files through the first four seasons is fairly consistent. There are the MOTW episodes, the mythology episodes, which all have a familiar feeling. Mulder and Scully--together--discover the supernatural on their quest »»

The X-Files Episodes 4-11 & 4-12 Review: El Mundo Gira / Leonard Betts

"El Mundo Gira"Oh boy, another "ethnic" X-Files episode. I actually think "El Mundo Gira" has plenty of potential, but it's largely a mess with conflicting themes and tones. The title of the episode, translated into English, is "The World Turns," imp »»

The X-Files Episodes 4-9 & 4-10 Review: Terma / Paper Hearts

"Terma"I've watched "Terma" about five times in total and still have little clue what the hell is going on. Watching the episode is an uncomfortable experience, as the episode jumps from scene to scene, from plot to plot, without any coherence. I kep »»

The X-Files Episodes 4-7 & 4-8: Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man / Tunguska

"Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man"If "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man" were to be taken at face value--as a completely authentic, factual account of CSM's life--it would be a very troubling episode, throwing a bunch of inconceivable parts into t »»

The X-Files Episodes 4-5 & 4-6 Review: The Field Where I Died / Sanguinarium

"The Field Where I Died""The Field Where I Died" is supposed to be emotional; it's supposed to be deep; it's supposed to be romantic in a dark way. But is it all those things in reality? It's a highly ambitious episode, uncovered by comedy or the usu »»

The X-Files Episodes 4-3 & 4-4 Review: Teliko / Unruhe

"Teliko""Teliko" is one of The X-Files's most forgettable hours and I don't really want to say much about it. The episode begins with a pretty startling sight, a black guy turned into an albino, but the episode drops from there. It's one of those epi »»

The X-Files Episodes 4-1 & 4-2 Review Herrenvolk / Home

"Herrenvolk"As I stated in my last review, the end of the third season and beginning of the fourth season, in retrospect, is about where the mythology begins to unravel. There is more and more mystery piled on top of the existing mystery without expl »»

The X-Files Episodes 3-23 & 3-24 Review: Wetwired / Talitha Cumi

"Wetwired""Wetwired" is a perfect example why The X-Files often reaches another level of quality. The episode starts off in normal X-Files territory, a poor sap killing his wife who he believe to be someone else and similar cases, but soon veers off »»

The X-Files Episodes 3-21 & 3-22 Review: Avatar / Quagmire

"Avatar"Before watching the episode, I honestly didn't remember much about "Avatar" other than that it was a Skinner episode and an average episode. After watching the episode, I think I know why. The episode is a hazy experience, indicating signific »»

The X-Files Episodes 3-19 & Episode 3-20: Hell Money / Jose Chung's From Outer Space

"Hell Money"Unlike the previous episode, "Hell Money" actually has some interesting ideas. There is a particularly cruel lottery in which the loser loses an organ instead of a dollar, and spirits in freaky masks going about the place. The family dram »»

The X-Files Episodes 3-17 & 3-18 Pusher / Teso Dos Bichos

"Pusher""Pusher" is one of the coolest non-mythology episodes. It's one of the new episodes not shrouded in darkness, but the stakes remain as high as ever. What sets the episode apart from other is how human the case seems. Though there is a superna »»

The X-Files Episodes 3-15 & 3-16 Review: Piper Maru / Apocrypha

 "Piper Maru"On its own, black oil is a sick idea. Oil is as ubiquitous a substance as there is and for aliens to either be oil or use oil as a medium of transportation is very scary. In "Piper Maru" and "Apocrypha," we see just how easily alien »»

The X-Files Episodes 3-13 & 3-14 Review: Syzygy / Grotesque

"Syzygy"I remember "Syzygy" better than most episodes, and what I remembered of it was that it was a bizarre. Rewatching it, I'd say it is an awkward episode. It's supposed to be one of the funny episodes where it's not too serious and there are thin »»

From the Shelf – Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Don't want to venture to the theater this weekend to see Nic Cage fight witches? Stay at home and watch an underrated horror movie sequel starring Tom Atkins and his mustache. »»

Robert Rodriguez to Produce Predators Sequel

Comic-Con announcement surprising considering film's mixed reviews and box office underperformance. »»

Confessions of a Spec Tater — Life after Death

What show would you love to see get another shot at redemption on the big screen? »»

Farscape: The Complete Series - DVD Review

More than just Buck Rogers with a ton of puppets! »»

Dream of Californication Again with Season 2 Release

Paramount has announced a mid-August release date for the second season of Californication on DVD. »»

The X-Files: I Want To Believe (2-Disc Extended Edition) - DVD Review

Belief has always laid at the heart of The X-Files. After all, one of the most famous icons from the show (where the movie gets its subtitle from) is Mulder’s poster of a UFO with the phrase “I Want to Believe” printed under it. That desire to believe, fueled by his sister’s abduction by aliens when they were children, along with his desire to make sure that no one else has to go through that kind of pain, drives Mulder’s every action. Most of the time this is an asset; it’s what made him such a good agent, but at times his desire to believe can get the better of him, and sometimes will have Mulder seeing monsters where there are only windmills. »»

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