Graceland - Review

Taut, Filipino thriller is a suspenseful morality tale. »»

The Trailer For Olympus Has Fallen Has Gerard Butler In Die Hard Mode

It's Die Hard in the White House for Antoine Fuqua's latest action thriller. »»

Fantastic Fest '12: Graceland - Review

Taut, Filipino thriller questions one man's morality to his family and his employer. »»

Premium Rush - Review

Who knew bicycle chases could be so rad? »»

TJ Jackson Is Co-Guardian Of Michael Jackson's Children

Michael Jackson's nephew TJ Jackson has been named co-guardian of the late pop icon's children. TJ and Michael's Mother, Katherine Jackson, will have the joint duty of making sure that Paris, Prince, and Blanket will be raised properly. The co-guardi »»

Beyonce Posts Tribute Letter To Michael Jackson

On the 3 year anniversary of his death, Beyonce wrote a letter in tribute to the late Michael Jackson. She begins it by saying, "When I was just starting out, my first producer used to make me listen to Michael Jackson's live performance of 'Who's Lo »»

Just Seen It Movie Review: Prometheus [Video]

Ancient ruins are discovered with a map to an alien world. Believing it to be the origins of humanity, a team sets of to find the alien home planet. But after they land, they discover they may have imperiled humankind. Starring Noomi Rapace, Logan Ma »»

Michael Jackson's Costumes To Be Exhibited Internationally

An exhibition of Michael Jackson costumes will go on tour starting May 18 in Chile.  The costumes will tour South America, Europe and Asia before winding up back in the US to be auctioned off in December.  The exhibit will feature 50-100 costumes s »»

Grauman's Chinese Theatre To Honor Michael Jackson

Grauman's Chinese Theatre is planning on hosting a hand and footprint memorial for Michael Jackson on January 26th. The King of Pop's children Paris, Prince, and Blanket are set to make impressions in the cement, using their father's sequined glove a »»

Michael Jackson's Final Furnishings Raise $1,000,000

Furnishings from Michael Jackson's final home sold at auction for approximately one million dollars total.  Most of the items were everyday furniture, but items such as chalkboard with messages from Jackson's children offered more insight into Jacks »»

Michael Jackson's Deathbed Pulled From Auction

An auction of items from Michael Jackson's mansion will have to go on without his deathbed.  Due to requests from the family, the actual bed where he died will no longer be sold to the highest bidder, although you can still buy a chalkboard with his »»

Dr. Conrad Murray Seeking Probation

After being convicted of involuntary manslaughter, Dr. Conrad Murray is planning to seek probation. As of right now, he faces a maximum sentence of 4 years in State prison, but because of a new California law, Dr. Murray will never serve a day in pri »»

Want To Sleep In Michael Jackson's Deathbed?

In the aftermath of Conrad Murray's conviction, the former mansion of Michael Jackson, including his deathbed, is up for auction.  Similar homes in the area have gone for up to $18 million.  The auction will take place at the end of December, just »»

Conrad Murray Will Not Testify In Court

Dr. Conrad Murray will not take the stand in his own defense, it was announced earlier today.  He has decided to invoke his right to remain silent, and testimony will now conclude without him.  Murray's trial continues on Wednesday. »»

Michael Jackson Wasn't Addicted To Propofol, Expert Says

Dr. Conrad Murray's defense team called their last two witnesses today, including an addiction expert who testified that although Michael Jackson appeared to have an unusual tolerance for the drug propofol, he was not actually addicted to it.  In ad »»

Dr. Conrad Murray Brought To Tears By Defense Witnesses

After weeks of prosecution testimony hammering away at the credibility of Dr. Conrad Murray, the defense brought out a series of witnesses to offer more positive light on his treatment of Michael Jackson.  Their testimony actually caused Murray to w »»

Witness Claims Conrad Murray Caused Michael Jackson's Death

A medical expert testified on Wednesday that Dr. Conrad Murray was directly responsible for the death of Michael Jackson.  Dr. Steven Shafer called Murray's administering of the drug propofol "unconscionable" and claimed it violated all standards of »»

Michael Jackson's Doctor Was Recipe For Disaster

On Day 13 of the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, the prosecution continued to harshly criticize him.  An expert on the drug propofol called Murray's methods and dosing "extreme deviations" from standard care.  All told, the treatments from Murray were »»

Michael Jackson To Release Another Posthumous Album

Once again proving that death is no match for record companies, Michael Jackson's label announced that there would be another CD of unreleased material hitting shelves in November.  Jackson's next disc will be "Immortal," the soundtrack for the hit »»

Michael Jackson Was DOA At The Emergency Room

According to the latest testimony in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson was dead by the time he got to the emergency room.  The attending doctor, Richelle Cooper, actually pronounced him dead twice and testified that he was gone long be »»

Bodyguards Describe Chaotic Last Moments of Michael Jackson's Life

During today's proceedings in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, testimony was heard from MJ's bodyguard Alberto Alvarez.  He described finding Jackson's lifeless body and being ordered by Murray to dispose of an IV bag and vials of medicine.  The tri »»

Michael Jackson Injected Himself With Lethal Dosage?

The defense for Dr. Conrad Murray today opened in court with the theory that Michael Jackson injected himself with the drug propofol in a desperate attempt to overcome his insomnia, and nothing Murray could do would have saved him.   This so far goe »»

Michael Jackson's Family To Inherit $30 Million

Michael Jackson's estate has generated an astonishing $310 million in revenue since his death in 2009, resulting in a preliminary payment to his family of $30 million.  Even after paying all of Michael's back taxes and creditors, the estate still ha »»

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Tries To Out Pedal Authorities In Premium Rush Trailer [Video]

First trailer for the bicycle messenger thriller starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Shannon. »»

Contagion - Review

Steven Soderbergh delivers an engrossing thriller that makes sure you’ll think twice before touching just about everything. »»

Images from The Raven Debut Online

John Cusack thriller has first images come online »»

Blu-ray Review: [Rec] 2

[Rec] 2 is an adrenaline shot to the nerves and a fantastic follow-up to the original. »»

Black Swan - DVD Review

Portman’s portrayal of Nina is almost indescribable. While watching, you knew that the Oscar race for best actress was over even before the film was. »»

Insidious - Review

The dynamic duo who brought Saw into the world see if they can bring the screams, without the blood. »»

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